Salon Miami ,Hair coloring specialist

Best salon Miami Elena is one of our hair aficionados specializing in many different aspects of hair such as hair color, color corrections, highlights, color with dimension and up-do’s for Brides-to-be. She believes that hair color needs to have dimension to look the most natural. She’s been a part of the Avant-Garde, salon, Miami ,team for 23 years. Elena attributes her success to her dedicated and loyal clients. If you visit our salon, chances are Elena will be there and chances are that someone will be in her chair! It seems like she is always applying color! Elena feels her hands-on experience, coupled with her qualifications and insight she acquires from hair shows, makes her your choice if you’re looking for a new stylist and/or colorist.   Elena really loves what she does and is very personable with her clients. She loves her clients because as she gets to know them well they eventually become like friends. She feels a stylist/client relationship becomes a personal one when you share so much time with one another. If you’re a bride-to-be and planning a wedding, then you need to speak with Elena because she is an up-do expert that knows all the right questions to ask you! She believes that your stylist should want to ask questions and learn about your dress, the wedding location and your personality so she can design your hair accordingly. Elena’s extensive experience has shown her that most clients ask for looks that are popular right now. As a result, she is always on top of current looks so if you tell her you want your hair to look like a particular actress, she’s likely to know the look you are after. Outside of the salon, she’s the mother of two children and teaches the Bible to young children and is very active in her church. She believes that knowledge shouldn’t be held in, it should be shared and that’s why she has an affinity for teaching and helping young new stylists. If you’re searching for a new stylist, or a new salon, you should consider Elena because she’ll develop a relationship with you built on trust. She wants to learn about you so she can offer you the best suggestions to help make you look your finest.

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