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Romantic Grunge look tendency presented by Best Hair Salon Miami

When we start seeing Doctor  Martens being worn with lace and liberty prints, there is no doubt that we have entered the age of ” romantic grunge ” This truce between tough and tender ,and nonchalance and elegance ,was first worn by youngsters  before being adopted by other generations . It is a trend that expresses a real melting pot of characteristics . Both rebellious and romantic ,it shows that opposites can work together . The make-up is all about strong eyes as “smoky eyes” and hair is styling for a natural rock attitude .This is a trend that leaves the ” total  look ” in the shade !

Avant-Garde hair Salon  Miami ,Florida 155 Miracle  Mile

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present : Collection Summer 2014

“Romantic and Grunge




1/ Hair Coloring




This technique alternating veils of single-tone color brings volume and body to fine hair .The hair colorist technician will choose a neutral base and another shade witch will be applied alternately. This prevents the final color from being too uniform and flat  , without having to resort to high and lowlights, ensuring a tailor-made color result .

hair accessories with beach wavy hair look


“sunny Hair” Ombre Balayage Technique


The ever-popular Californian Blond announces the return of the summer .

The richness of this intense blond which brings sunshine into your hair requires the talent of a professional master stylist .Alternating bold platinum streaks with a warmer ,more golden blond brings subtlety and volume . The color is deliberately lighter towards the ends of a naturally sun-kissed , surfer-girl look .





Ombre balayage with wave styling


2/ styling


Beach styling hair


The solution for those who have always longed for wavy hair!Dozing   off in the sun after is no longer the only way to dry your locks into airy waves . Isaac Mesa Master stylist in Avant-Garde salon and spa Miami advise you on this YouTube video on this technique which is perfect for women who like to let their hair fly in the wind .


Check out the link below :



3/ Hair Accessories


Hair accessories now have an important role in creating a style ! Flowers Head band on the go !


4/ Make-up



2014 make up 2014 make up












If you’re interested on giving a try to ” a romantic grunge look” , or would like to come visit our salon for a consultation, please feel free to stop by, we are located at 155 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables,

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We look forward to making you look even more beautiful than you already are!!






Dye time ! Pastel hair color ,Ombre mermaid ,hair chalking, Miami.

Highlights the same color as your natural hair?  So last year.

Now you should try these colorful dyed tips !
A few years ago: Unusual hair color like greens, pinks, or blues automatically qualify you as “punk.”
Now: Pastel pink hair has made its way into the pages of “Vogue,” and celebrity are wearing Blue ombre on the red carpet.

“Unusual” hair color has officially took place in top salons as the new dyed hair trends.

While we don’t know why people have changed their attitude about colored hair, it’s a change that makes us very happy.

Another way to express yourself and get creative with your hairstyles? There are a variety of techniques and ways to wear this hair color trend, so it’s easy for any girl to try.

Whether you’re looking for a bold, long-term commitment Mermaid Ombre or a quick and non-damaging method like chalking.
Dipped tips are the most popular way to wear this hair color trend. The process requires a pretty big commitment because the hair must be bleached before any color is applied .

even if you’re already blonde. Because this process is complex, in Avant-garde salon and spa, we recommend that you get your tips dipped at the salon. You can also get a wider variety of hues since the color is mixed to your preference.

There are hundreds of pastel shades adding, that are hot right now.

” Summer is close so girls are going for lighter colors, plus pastels don’t cause as big of a contrast with many natural hair colors. It creates more of a delicate effect.”

Darker jewel tones are also very popular ; Beet purples and Deep blues are finding their way into the mix. Another bonus to choosing a deep jewel tone like blue is the variety of hues that appear when the color begins to fade. “We love blue because it eventually fades to a turquoise green,”

Now that you’ve decided to experiment with a little color, what color should you choose?

Pink: “This works best on blondes, however a brunette with a warm skin tone could wear a deep rich pink or a pink with a little more red in it. Pinks would also be fun on redheads.

Blue: For girls with dark hair and an olive complexion, we recommends navy, while blondes should try a turquoise or pale blue.

Purple: All skin tones suit purple, but  especially loves it on a dark brunette.

Green: “we see this working on a blonde, it’s a tough shade,” .

How long will your color last?

Depends on how much you wash your hair and whether the dye is permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary.

If you use semi-permanent color and you wash your hair every other day, you can expect the color to last four to five weeks. But if you wash your hair every day, you’re looking at two weeks.

We also recommend you to use a sulfate free shampoo and a leave-in with UV protection.

mermaid ombre84da719547efcbc8caa19e224f5d5ad4c90b88f41d77c7a29ce5112b9cfdef93pastel_hair_color





Hair over-processed: Salon Miami, solutions and advice.


What is the first thing to do, with this kind of hair damage?


The first thing to do is to give a consultation to the client.

We need to know what kind of chemical she received, the history of the client is important for the direction that we will take.

We also need to know what her expectations are. In this case we have to be very clear with her … No chemical until the hair gets in a better condition.

Then we analyze and check the elasticity of the hair to make sure to choose the right reconstruction treatment and make the hair able to receive a color correction in a few months if it is the wish of the client .


Why does the hair have this aspect?


It is the perfect sample of

Chemically over processed hair, the keratinic chain has been broken, (that is the reason why the hair has no nerve and it looks dull because the cuticle stayed open after the last process impeding the light to reflect over the hair).


What do you suggest in this case?


First, the reconstruction of the hair.


How long do you think she will have to wait to see an improvement?


About 3 to 6 months and to make her realize, that there is no magic. The best thing to do, is to do as less as possible on her hair as give a nice haircut, treatments and be patient!


What kind of treatment?


Kerastase chronologist treatment every 2 / 3 weeks or the mask fiber Architect once a week.


Why not a treatment after each shampoo?


Because the chronologist treatment and the fibre architect mask are strong in protein and over feed the hair in proteins will break it .A regular conditioner for damage hair like ciment anti usure should be used in between the treatments .


What else?


Trim on a monthly basis.


If the client can’t wait and insist because of grow of grey hair, can you offer an alternative?


Inoa color can be an option, ammonia free,   grey coverage 100%, the oil contain in the color gives shine.

Inoa doesn’t damage nor dry the hair.


Will a keratin fix the hair?


No definitely not!

Keratin remove the frizz not the over process plus you need to flat iron the hair for the keratin treatment to work which is very bad for that kind of damage hair.


What about a Botox treatment?


Yes, can be an option it is vegetal proteins and can improve the hair .We will not finish the treatment with the flat iron but with a simple blow dry.


What about having highlights?


Absolutely not recommended, because the bleach used will make the hair thinner than they are already going until the breakage.


After recover what do you suggest ?


Not to go back to a circle … to have more chemical to fix the existing damage. In this case the client has very sensitive hair and she is limited in her options.

– highlight not more than every 2 or 3 months and just touch up the roots.

-Inoa color to avoid the dryness of the hair.

-No keratin.

-using good hair products at home

– avoid flat iron, curl iron and hair dryer, and keep them for the special occasion.

-Being delicate when she brushes her hair

– Hair cut every 3 months.

– do not use elastics to put your hair in a ponytail, they are breaking the hair; prefer the thicker one in velvet fabric.

– Do not play the stylist at home by doing your chemical by yourself to save money, it will cost you more after!

 If you are in this situation, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help your hair be beautiful again,

Avant Garde Salon and Spa

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over processed hair












French Balayage in Avant Garde Salon and Spa, Miami, Fl.

What is Balayage?


The Balayage is a French technique of coloring the hair created to give dimension and depth to the hair,

strands of hair strategically distributed create depth,dimension and enhance light and movement of the hair.
strands of hair strategically distributed create depth,dimension and enhance light and movement of the hair.


What does the word Balayage mean?


The word Balayage in French means brushwork and thus is referred to this technique as it works the strand of hair while suspended and supported on a pallet wick, then the enlightener is deposited on the hair with a slip of the brush.


What is the effect created in the Balayage hair?


Contrasting with the wicks processed with aluminum foil, the balayage does  not have a repetitive  pattern or defined lines, so it is advisable when looking to give dimension, depth and a natural sunny effect in which the wicks are blurred by merging with the base color.


What is the level of maintenance that the Balayage requires?


The Balayage is a technique with a relatively low maintenance, whereas leaves no barrier between the processed hair and new growth, it is today one of the most convenient color options for women as it is not necessary to do a touch-up at six weeks but can be extended to eight or more and also play with a shampoo color between process and process to revive them and make them look fresh again.


Balayage is recommended for all hair types?


The balayage always looks better in natural and long hair, because the hair takes more transparency when processed, due to the absence of a previous artificial pigment  the movement can create a large beach style and relaxed waves. Anyway, having a pre-existing color is not always a determining factor, it can also achieve very good results in hair that has been colored professionally no darker than a level five.



Is it compatible with other Balayage coloring techniques?


Given the characteristics of the effect that the Balayage creates on the hair, it is ideal for balancing a process of ” Ombre ” because it helps distribute the brightness in areas such as the face frame and the crown, that otherwise would not be  possible to do so only with the technique of ” Ombre ” as it only works on the bottom of the hair.  If we pay attention, at present, most of the top models and celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Biel are the image of a beautiful trend that is here to stay.

Official YouTube Channel for Avant-Garde salon and spa hair salon in Miami Featuring -Balayage technique

In this video you will see the all process of the balayage to obtain a so beautiful natural effect

Balayage technique Avant-garde salon and spa Miami 

For more information about Balayage, or if you want to have a personal consultation, one of our professionals will gladly answer all of your concerns from Mondays through Saturdays

at Avant Garde Salon and Spa.

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jessica biel balayage
You can see on the picture like the sun natural decoloration
Avant-Garde salon and spa Coral Gables Miami
you can see on this picture what we could compare to the summer beach effect !


Salon ,Miami ,Hair Make Over .

A butterfly doesn`t know how beautiful she is because she can`t see her own wings.

When a client walks into Avant-Garde hair Salon and Spa, what the world may look at is an aging woman with graying hair.
But no! This is not what our Salon and  master stylist’s see. They see a woman with a Make Over who will look ten years younger and leave with more confidence with her new Haircut and freshened Color as she walks out. Just like that butterfly, our stylists in Avant-Garde, Coral Gables, Miami, see something in her that she doesn’t even see in herself. Avant-Garde saw her wings.

The power the stylist’s have in their hands to change lives through a make over is truly profound. Avant-Garde ,Salon Miami, is not just doing hair but brings transformations to people`s lives. The moment our client walks out , realizing her incredible make over, she holds her head up high and spreads her wings to fly back into the world for another day-another six weeks, before she `s back in Avant-Garde stylist chair once again to continue exploring.

So, what about you? When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Now look closer… What could you see? So many of us live our lives on the surface of what is, instead of reaching out of the box for a little help to dig deep inside and discover what could be, and what better through our talented Make Over Beauty Consultant Professional’s to help you and eventually become not only your beauty partner but a friend. Do you see your own wings?

Stop just looking at yourself and begin seeing the kind of person you want to become and consider the changes you`ll need to make in your life to get there. Discover the beauty inside you. You may not be able to see your own wings, but in Avant-Garde hair Salon and Spa we promise, just like the butterfly, they are truly unique.

Life has so much to offer. Your hopes and dreams can come to life. There are only seven days in a week…”Someday” isn`t one of them. It`s time to fly and if by any chance you are in Miami, Coral Gables and need someone to help you to find your wings, Avant-Garde hair Salon and Spa will feel honor for your visit.

Check us out at:

 and get to know Avant Garde hair Salon & Spa a little more by exploring our webpage and additional links (Facebook, Yelp, Google, etc.).
Janet Before.
Afraid, but looking for change to break out of her box. Janet Before…

Janet After,

Camila Before.
Her “normal” was long hair…Camila Before..
Camila After.
Camila After…Stunning Short Hair Make Over By: Marcelo.
Another client unsure of what she was looking for, Marcelo once again helped her in discovering the change that would fulfill her. Before …
After Look… Bob with length. Her Make Over blossomed her from innocent to chic.