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Miami salon Hair tips

Here are little tips to help you at home to maintain your hair in between your visit to your stylist:




1/     Bend over and brush your scalp and hair from back to front until the scalp tingles to help distribute the natural oils in your hair.



2/     Use no more than a quarter-size dollop of shampoo, and rub it between your palms first. Lather your hair for no more than 30 seconds



3/     Find a shampoo that is less sudsy. Sudsy does not necessarily mean clean. Shampoos that lather too much are often overloaded with moisturizing products, which can leave build-up in your hair.


Avant-Garde salon and spa recommend Kerastase.


4/    Dampen your hairbrush before brushing to cut down on static electricity. Avoid using a brush on wet hair because it creates hair breakage.



5/    After you have finished shampooing, rinse your hair with cool water to seal moisture in the hair.



6/     Wash before you use color. 
It is a myth that unwashed hair takes dye better than clean hair.



7/      Many volume-enhancing products are heat activated. Instead of merely coming or scrunching them in, aim warm air at your roots, activating the stylers and giving your hair the volume you desire.



8/     Towel-dry your hair thoroughly before using a hair dryer. This will save you time and avoid damaging your hair with unnecessary heat.



9/     Apply products 10-15 minutes before you style. Whether you are curling or straightening, apply the product at least 10 minutes in advance to ensure it is fully absorbed into your strands.





Feel free to contact us if you need any help or a hair salon to take care of you .

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Hair over-processed: Salon Miami, solutions and advice.


What is the first thing to do, with this kind of hair damage?


The first thing to do is to give a consultation to the client.

We need to know what kind of chemical she received, the history of the client is important for the direction that we will take.

We also need to know what her expectations are. In this case we have to be very clear with her … No chemical until the hair gets in a better condition.

Then we analyze and check the elasticity of the hair to make sure to choose the right reconstruction treatment and make the hair able to receive a color correction in a few months if it is the wish of the client .


Why does the hair have this aspect?


It is the perfect sample of

Chemically over processed hair, the keratinic chain has been broken, (that is the reason why the hair has no nerve and it looks dull because the cuticle stayed open after the last process impeding the light to reflect over the hair).


What do you suggest in this case?


First, the reconstruction of the hair.


How long do you think she will have to wait to see an improvement?


About 3 to 6 months and to make her realize, that there is no magic. The best thing to do, is to do as less as possible on her hair as give a nice haircut, treatments and be patient!


What kind of treatment?


Kerastase chronologist treatment every 2 / 3 weeks or the mask fiber Architect once a week.


Why not a treatment after each shampoo?


Because the chronologist treatment and the fibre architect mask are strong in protein and over feed the hair in proteins will break it .A regular conditioner for damage hair like ciment anti usure should be used in between the treatments .


What else?


Trim on a monthly basis.


If the client can’t wait and insist because of grow of grey hair, can you offer an alternative?


Inoa color can be an option, ammonia free,   grey coverage 100%, the oil contain in the color gives shine.

Inoa doesn’t damage nor dry the hair.


Will a keratin fix the hair?


No definitely not!

Keratin remove the frizz not the over process plus you need to flat iron the hair for the keratin treatment to work which is very bad for that kind of damage hair.


What about a Botox treatment?


Yes, can be an option it is vegetal proteins and can improve the hair .We will not finish the treatment with the flat iron but with a simple blow dry.


What about having highlights?


Absolutely not recommended, because the bleach used will make the hair thinner than they are already going until the breakage.


After recover what do you suggest ?


Not to go back to a circle … to have more chemical to fix the existing damage. In this case the client has very sensitive hair and she is limited in her options.

– highlight not more than every 2 or 3 months and just touch up the roots.

-Inoa color to avoid the dryness of the hair.

-No keratin.

-using good hair products at home

– avoid flat iron, curl iron and hair dryer, and keep them for the special occasion.

-Being delicate when she brushes her hair

– Hair cut every 3 months.

– do not use elastics to put your hair in a ponytail, they are breaking the hair; prefer the thicker one in velvet fabric.

– Do not play the stylist at home by doing your chemical by yourself to save money, it will cost you more after!

 If you are in this situation, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help your hair be beautiful again,

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over processed hair












Traditional Braid at Avant Garde Miami.

The classic traditional braid technique.

1-Put a shine spray on your wet hair .suggest Elixir ultime from Kerastase.

2-Blow- dry your hair on low heat for your hair to look shiny and not oily.

3-Divide your hair into 3 equal sections.

4-Very important step: Pull the middle into a ponytail at the base of the neck and secure it with a clear elastic, then crisscross not too tie the left and right sections over the center before you start your braid.

5-Braid the hair straight down instead of crossing the sections over each other, cross them under one another. Put the right section under the center, the left section under that, and so on .Tie the end of the braid with another clear elastic.

Don`t hesitate to contact Avant-Garde and Spa and have a free consultation for your special event braids hair style ask for Elena ,Isaac, Irina , Vanessa our braids specialist .

Traditional braid

bridal braid hair style with flower

If your hair is straight and smooth , add some texturizing wax or spray to the length to prevent the braid from slipping out, suggest product :laque dentelle from Kerastase)

laque dentelle Kerastaseker_elixir_ultime_1_1



Beauty tips : How to finger wave from Avant-garde salon and spa Miami


What You Need

curling iron

mousse or dry shampoo 

Avant-garde suggestion: powder bluff from Kerastase

hairspray shine spray or serum 

Avant-garde suggestion : glimmer shine spay from Moroccanoil

big curl iron

Finger Wave How-To

Part One: The Three-Step, Basic Pin-Curl Technique

This is the essential technique used to create pin curls, which will give you a full head of finger waves. Learn this core set of steps, and then continue to part two to set your whole ‘do.

1: Grab a 1-inch section of hair and spray lightly with hairspray.


2: Wrap the strand around your curling iron starting from the root all the way to the tip. Hold for about 7 seconds (a little longer for coarse hair, a little shorter for finer hair).


3: Release hair from the curling iron. Starting from the tip, wrap the strand around two fingers until the curl is near the scalp. Secure with a clip or pin. Place the clip at the base of the curl, right against the scalp, rather than on the outer edge of the pin curl. This helps prevent creases where you don’t want them. Leave pin curls to set.

once you’ve mastered this set of moves, you have all the technique necessary to make the best finger wave ‘do! Now let’s get started!

a sample of long hair on long hair



Part Two: Sectioning and Setting the Full Head

1: Start with dry hair. If your hair is fine, prep with dry shampoo or mousse, especially around the roots.


2: Section hair horizontally, starting at the bottom and working your way to the top and moving from back to front. How many sections you ultimately use depends on the thickness of the hair. Leave one semi-circular section at the crown of the head—you can clip it out of the way until later.


3: Starting with the bottom section, take a strand of hair and curl using the techniques above (spray, curl, pin). Work across the head until all the hair in that section is in curls. Once complete, move to the next section of hair, working your way across, creating curls as you go. Move toward the front of the head until all hair is pinned. For the pieces that frame the face, wrap hair outward, away from the face when curling.


4: Once you reach the top section that you clipped out of the way earlier, divide horizontally into pieces that are roughly 1-inch thick. Pin-curl each piece from front to back, to help create volume at the crown. Continue until you’ve curled and clipped the entire section.


5: Once all of your hair is up in pin curls, hit the entire head with hairspray.


6: Then, starting at the back of the head, take curls down section by section. At this point, you can apply a few dabs of shine spray or serum to add polish. As you work, rake through curls lightly with your fingers, spritz with hairspray, and go over gently with a flat paddle brush. For volume, back-comb each section at the roots.


7: When all of your hair is out, back-comb the crown, and finish with a final pass of hairspray.



finger waves







Maintaining your hair extensions !


Recommendations for maintaining your Keratin Hair Extensions by stylist Edward from Avant-Garde Salon and Spa Miami

Do you have extensions? Well here are a few tips to maintain the longest lasting extensions.

Daily Care

Brush hair from scalp to ends at least 2 times a day, once in the morning or before washing and once in the evening before bed.

Washing your hair

Do not shampoo your hair for at least 48 hours after your extensions have been applied to allow the bond to set. Shampoo and condition your hair as you normally would, but try to avoid using too much conditioner at the bonding points. Cold water is key. Avoid warm/hot water.

Do not comb between the scalp and the bond. On a regular basis, separate the bonds with your fingers to prevent matting

Drying your hair

Always dry your hair thoroughly, starting at the bond, as it is at its most vulnerable when wet

Do not towel dry the hair with a scrubbing motion. Instead, use a blotting motion and wrap the hair in a towel to remove excess moisture

Always blow dry your hair on a cool/warm temperature


Great Lengths flat headed, soft bristle brushes are the most suitable for brushing your hair. With small sections of hair gently brush from the bonds to the ends of the hair

Styling and finishing

Styling products such as Pearl Gloss Styler can only be applied to the lengths and ends of your hair and not the bond itself

The Great Lengths round brush can be used for blow drying

Straighteners, tongs and heated rollers can be used; however they must be kept away from the bond area


We recommend you tie your hair in a loose pony tail or braid to prevent tangling while sleeping

Exercise and your lifestyle

Extensions suit most lifestyles, however be mindful in the following circumstances which may affect the lifespan of your bonds, or in fact, cause them to breakdown:

Regular swimming, particularly in sea water and chlorinated water

Regular sauna or steam room use

Excessive aerobic activity



Please feel free to send in any questions you might have about Extensions, hair care, or simple your experience either by email, blog, Facebook, Google+ or call us.


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Edward bio:





Transforma tu look y luce como una reina

La belleza está en tus manos

Cortesía: Mauricio Burgos –

El maquillista Mauricio Burgos hace parte del ‘Team’ de Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012, por eso quisimos preguntarle que podemos hacer para tener un maquillaje que llame tanto la atención como el de las participantes cada domingo en las galas.

El experto, quien ha trabajado en varios certamenes de belleza, nos reveló el secreto. Ahora sigue los pasos, encuentra tu look y sácale partido a tus rasgos.

Primer El primer tiene como tarea preparar la piel para la base, esto ayuda a que se empareje el color, y de textura lisa al rostro, además aporta algunos humectantes importantes para  todo tipo de piel.

La base La base de maquillaje cumple la función de emparejar el color de la piel y disimular alguna imperfección. De ahí su importancia. Cada piel tiene su tipo de base. Para las pieles normales, se deben utilizar bases líquidas, que puedan cubrir la cara formando una fina capa. Para las pieles propensas a tener acné, son mejores las bases cremosas o en barra, que sirven para emparejar el relieve que producen estas imperfecciones. Lo más importante es que la base siempre debe respetar el color de tu piel, nuncá más oscura o más clara. La mirada Generalmente el maquillaje busca resaltar los ojos. La elección entre un maquillaje más o menos suave dependerá si la salida es de día o de noche. También es muy importante tener en cuenta la forma de ojos de cada persona. Por ejemplo, quienes tienen párpados caídos deberán delinearse con sombras profundizando sobre los extremos para lograr el efecto de elevarlos. En cambio, para agrandarlos sólo se necesita un prolijo delineado, sombras claras y mucho rímel.

Para las mujeres que tienen ojos claros, lo mejor es utilizar colores en la gama de violetas y azules. En cambio, los ojos oscuros se pueden resaltar con colores naranjas, marrones y cálidos. Como alternativa, el uso de pestañas postizas da un toque muy expresivo a la mirada, solo inténtalo y disfruta de los resultados. La boca La boca es importantísima en un buen maquillaje. Algunas mujeres cometen el error de no pintarse los labios -ni siquiera con brillo-, ya sea porque simplemente no les gusta o porque el color “dura poco”. Para este segundo problema existe una solución: primero delinear, luego aplicar el rouge con pincel, polvo volátil y volver a pintar. Esto prolongará la duración. El delineado es muy bueno para labios finos, siempre hecho con cuidado, ya que si se los delinea mucho, los labios quedan artificiales. El toque final El uso de rubor, moderadamente, es un exquisito complemento del maquillaje. Ayuda a corregir y ocultar defectos y por eso hay que tener en cuenta una regla básica: lo oscuro disimula. Las mujeres que tengan rostros alargados deberán hacer hincapié en la zona del mentón y del cuello. Y las que tengan frente ancha pueden disimularla aplicando rubor sobre la parte superior, casi en el nacimiento del pelo, para achicarla.

Truquitos para no olvidar Limpiar bien la cara antes de empezar el proceso del maquillaje. Humectarla para que el maquillaje no se vea acartonado. Ocultar las ojeras con un corrector. Mejor menos que más, los excesos marcan aún más los defectos. Siempre emparejar la base con una esponja húmeda. Aplicar la base del mismo color que la piel. Aplicar el polvo con una brocha grande. Los ojos se pueden resaltar usando una base de color natural en todo el párpado y delineando con un pincel fino. Las sombras más oscuras te ayudan a marcar la profundidad. Siempre usa rímel en las pestañas.