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Your Hair salon in Miami tell you about Falls 2014 Trendy Makeup

Trendy Eyeliner falls 2014
Trendy Eyeliner falls 2014





Bold Eyeliner is Trending for Fall 2014
Bold eyeliner is on trend for Fall 2014. To become expert  in doing your eyeliner , you’ll need to have the right color, the confidence to rock this edgy look, and a deft hand when applying the makeup. These tips will help you get it right.


Learn Eyeliner Technic with a Makeup Artist
Learn Eyeliner Technic with a Makeup Artist
Glow for your evening Event with a glam Eyeliner
Glow for your evening Event with a glam Eyeliner


Blue trendy Eyeliner for funky Event
Blue trendy Eyeliner for funky Event









Keep it basic
Black works best for this look, as it’s the most dramatic and delivers the biggest impact.We recommend you stick with black, but if you want to branch out from there, try a stark white liquid liner. More colorful eyeliner pencils can look very punk rock, so aren’t necessarily the best way to pull off this trend.

While eyeliner always requires a steady hand, you really need one when applying a thick coating. Otherwise, you come off like a kid playing with her mom’s makeup. Keeping your hand steady, apply eyeliner very close to the lash line. Connect the inside and outside corners to make the look appear seamless.

If you want even more of an impact, you can extend the outward edges for a Cleopatra-style bold eye. Or you can use a kohl pencil to draw big, elaborate edges that slope toward your brows. There are tons of pics online of bold eyeliner in runway shows, so you can get inspiration once you’ve mastered the basic application.

Love it and own it to really make this look come alive. It’s bold and definitely out there, so project your own confidence when wearing it.

In our Salon in Miami we ’re loving this look for women and we’re super psyched to help you give it a try. What other Fall 2014 makeup trends are you in ?

Feel free to pass by our Salon , we are located 155, Miracle Mile in Miami in the heart of Coral Gables .

Yesenia our makeup artist will be more than happy to teach you a few tips to become an expert .

The French balayage by Avant-Garde Hair salon in Coral Gables, Miami







It`s coming a  time is coming, when you don`t know what to do with your hair !

Long ,court ,curly straight, red, Brunette ,blond, brown.

The web can be your best friend to find a new hair inspiration. By surfing on Google , Pinterest , Instagram you can find the trendy color for the season and the best hair salon by reading the Google , yelp, Foursquare reviews

For this autumn all the social Media announce The French Balayage .

It`s a secret about how to have Jennifer Aniston Face !

Even if the French Balayage Technic is taking a little longer than the regular Highlights ,the final effect is much more natural and beautiful.

Don`t e confuse with the old Balayage under the dryer that was so painful .

You will come back from your hair stylist with a face saying ” I just passed 3 weeks of vacations on the beach  in Miami  ”

Perfect for Brunette ,blond with long hair  , style with natural Beach Waves , easy to do by yourself.

I think you should try this French sun Kiss for your next appointment in your hair salon.

To inspire you have a look at this Balayage ,Hilight





Great Lengths Tape hair extensions Salon miami

gl tape extensions 2gl tape extensionsgl tape extensions.jpg 1gl tape extensions.jpg 3gl tape extensions.jpg 4







Avant-garde salon and Spa Miami offers to its Clientele Great Lengths tape extension , for any information contact Marcelo 305-442-8136

Fast, invisible, and the very best hair.

Great Lengths tape extensions are the first smart extensions. At last there’s hair thickening and hair extensions as smart as many of the things that make our lives sharp, lively and easy.
Great Lengths stands, of course, for Great Lengths, and for the top quality that Great Lengths offers.

“Apps” means Application. What do we mean by that?

Quite simply: GL Apps are applied to your hair – without any form of external unit. Quickly, simply and invisibly



hair extensions,salon, miami, Great lenghts,best
hair extensions,salon,
miami, Great lenghts,best




As fast as this for complete hair enjoyment!


Not enough volume? Hair too short? Not the right sort of look? And on top of all that: Not enough time to get around breathing new life into your hair
No problem! Now there is Great Lengths tape extensions in Avant-Garde salon and spa Miami ,
Just  give us a call 305-442-8136 , we are a Great Lengths Salon  partner located ,155 Miracle Mile in Down town Coral Gables , Miami , close to coconut Grove and Brickel
Select your favorite GL Apps and get them applied to your hair straight away. Just a few easy steps are enough when applied by our extension professionals…
…and your dream of more volume, a new length, or simply a fresh, new hairstyle can come true in the twinkling of an eye

As invisible as all extensions from Great Lengths!


Extensions must always remain invisible! This should also go for quick extensions. With Great Lengths tape extensions, you can be sure that this is indeed the case.Standard systems use the Sandwich Technique.
This sounds a little bit like “thick”, and not really like invisible. At Great Lengths we like to stay smart. And invisible, of course!
We call our technique “Invisible Touch”: Its effect is that your own hair is guaranteed to cover the extensions! Both above and below your own hair. And in the middle: GL Apps.
Very smart and definitely invisible, just like all the extensions from Great Lengths.

Only GL Apps are this professional!


Extensions from Great Lengths stand for professional hair thickening and hair extensions.

And in addition, so does our GL Apps. What does this mean for you?
The highest hair quality possible!
The hair falls in a completely natural way.
The colours are brilliant. And the longevity of the GL Apps -/b is between 6 to 8 weeks. Much longer than other standard products.

fast as this for complete hair enjoyment!



Not enough volume?
Hair too short?
Not the right sort of look?
And on top of all that: Not enough time to get around breathing new life into your hair?No problem!  Now there’s Great Lengths tape extensions In Avant-Garde salon Miami ,Coral Gables .
Visit us, select and order your favorite Great lengths tape extensions with Marcelo in Avant-garde salon and spa Miami  and get them applied to your hair the following day.
Just a few easy steps are enough when applied by our extension professionals…
…and your dream of more volume, a new length, or simply a fresh, new hairstyle can come true in the twinkling of an eye.

There’s already a huge range to choose from!




You’re used to the benefits of a large selection from Great Lengths. And we’ve followed the same principle with Great Lengths tape extensions. 35 color nuances in lengths of 12, 14,16, 18 inches make up our basic range.Special requests for lengths of 20 inches und 22 inches, as well as special colors requests are also possible on request

-They’re that simple to reuse!









Great Lengths tape  are easy to remove with the Remover Spray.

Following removal, the original hair piece must be  thoroughly cleaned prior to re-applying a new layer of Great Lengths film and then these valuable Great Lengths tape extensions can be re-applied to the natural hair at any time.
Now that’s something that saves you money and increases the value of these extensions.

So trendy for all fashion-conscious women!




One’s true age is not a question of how many years one has lived.

A person is as old as they feel, and age has no bearing upon the amount of energy one may have.

Fashion-conscious women no longer allow limits to be themselves.

 Great Lengths tape extensions are especially suitable for smart women from 8 to 50+.

Or in other words: Do you feel young and fresh enough for a change?

Okay! So it’s SHOW-Time for your first Great Lengths tape extensions …






gl ext





gl 2gl 3gl 5gl 5gl 6gl trendy 5gl trendy 4

Salon Miami :Advice for your Bounds hair extensions

                                                                                                 Avant-Garde Salon and Spa

                                    We are a great lengths Salon partner, located in Miami , Coral Gables .


#hair #extensions #salon #Miami #great lengths

Long thick hair has always been and always will be a symbol of beauty


Is special care necessary after having my extensions applied?
Extensions may be treated as regular hair but long hair always needs special attention. Great Lengths offers quality products and special brushes.

Should the extensions be straightened?
You can use a hair straightener but the bonds should never come in contact with the tool. In case of dry ends we suggest you use Great Lengths Hairfluid and Great Lengths hair care products .

Apple vinegar makes hair shine: can I use it?
Great Lengths does not guarantee for these types of treatments. We have a wide range of products for hair care.

Can I run my fingers through my hair?
Yes, you should run your fingers through the bonds to keep them seperated.

How many times should I have my extensions checked?
It is necessary to have your extensions checked at least once every month in order for the hair extensionist to cut the natural hairs that have fallen out but are intrapped between the scalp and the bonding avoiding them to tangle.

What shampoo should I use?
You should use one of Great Lengths shampoos or a shampoo that has been advised to you by your hairdresser and which does not contain alcohol or silicone


How should I care for my hair during shampooing?
Use little pressure while shampooing. Always brush the strands with a Great Lengths brush and without pulling. Start drying from the roots and then the bonds. Make sure the bonds fully dry.

Do I need to be careful while brushing my hair?
Yes and this is why Great Lengths has created a special brush

hair extensions,salon, miami, Great lenghts,best
hair extensions,salon,
miami, Great lenghts,best





Sports, free time and extensions


Can I go in the water with extensions?
Of course you may!  The bonds are made of keratin with a structure very similar to hair’s structure and therefore it doesn’t melt in water. It is very solid and extremely safe.If I go to the beach what do I have to do?
With Great Lengths extensions you may go in salt water. You should rinse your hair with clear water and dry them as soon as possible.Can I tie my hair while doing sports?
Great Lengths extensions are applied in the most natural way possible. If you know that you will tie your hair often after having your extensions applied, let your hairdresser know and the extensions will be applied so that they will remain invisible when you tie your hair.Can I do water sports?
You may have extensions applied even if you do water sports. You should wash your hair afterwards to remove chloride.
Solarium: is this a problem?
This should not be a problem. Cover your hair with a towel or use our Energy Conditioner.
But also :
    • Braid your hair extensions before going to bed. This will help against knots and should be done with naturally long hair as well.


    • When drying hair, dry bonding areas first. This will protect the bonds.


    • Have your hairdresser cut your hair for a more cared after look.


*    Only use brushes with soft bristles. This will help ends and bonds.


*     Brush thoroughly twice a day.


If you need any information ,feel free to contact Marcelo our specialist in Great lengths Extensions in Avant-Garde salon and spa, 155 Miracle Mile  Miami ,  305-442-8136   ,www.avantgardesalonandspa.com



Miami Salon Bonds Hair Extensions Great Lengths questions & answers


Miami salon Hair extensions Before and after



Hair quality – Questions and Answers

regarding bond holding and durability





Avant-garde salon and spa in Miami answers your questions

How do I recognize quality extensions?

You will recognize quality extensions when they are not easily distinguishable from your own hair and when the bonding is very thin and almost invisible.Can the strands be removed and can I remove them myself?
Removal of the Great Lengths strands is relatively easy. Your hairdresser will apply a special gel on the bonds removing them with a tool. What usually creates a challenge is matting. Matting is due to non proper or careless maintenance.
Never remove your hair extensions yourself. Always return to the salon to have your hair extensions professionally removed. Your stylist in Avant-Garde salon and spa Miami, has been trained to remove the hair extensions using only Great Lengths removal solution.How are the strands attached to the natural hair?
Great Lengths patented  protein polymer bond ensures a quick and simple application either with heat or ultrasound system. Bonds are made from synthetic keratin mimicking the molecular structure of natural keratin found in human hair and skin and maintaining a pH value of 5.5 to be compatible with your hair, scalp and skin.How long do extensions last?
Quality extensions may last up to about 6 months. This depends on how fast your hair grows. If your hair grows quickly they may last less and vice versa.
We recommend removal every 4 to 6 months, depending upon the type of application performed (i.e.lengthening, volumzing, etc), the state/condition of the natural hair, and their lifestyle.
Must I always wear the same hairstyle?
Great Lengths hair has a natural wavy effect and for most clients this is an advantage because they can be easily dried and styled. Any style, color or cut is possible.
How to style your Hair extensions
Feel free to contact Our Salon in Miami to get some easy tips to style your hair
Do extensions damage hair?
Whichever method of application you choose, hair extensions are a cosmetic procedure and so, as with any cosmetic procedure, if applied and maintained properly, the application will not damage your hair.
The key to a successful, damage free application lies in the details of the application. There is no “cookie cutter”, “one size fits all” application technique, as each client has different hair conditions and desired results that must be considered.
Schedule your free consultation today with Our specialist great Lengths Extensions .
Call today Avant-Garde salon and spa Miami,Coral Gables 305-442-8136

Best salon Short Hair Cut Miami : Gio Montesino Biography

Coral Gables downtown,Best hair salon
Coral Gables downtown,Best hair salon

Best salon Miami

GIO Montesino

graduated in 1985 from Vidal Sassoon Academy in San Francisco California. Where he specialized in the art of precision haircuts. He continued his career at Cinta Hair, Salon where he shares his art and knowledge with the best of the industry; Tony and Guy, Bumble and Bumble, and many others. During that adventure he enhanced his technique in razor cutting which is a technique used for modern, edgy looks. He also worked with famous colorists Beth Minardi from NY City. Gio worked with the well known academy of art in San Francisco and the Grand Opera House, he was given the opportunity to develop his skills demonstrating elegant and modern updos that are used today for proms, Sweet Sixteen’s, and of course brides on their most important day. He showed his talent and was able to work with local and world known famous designers on run way shows such as Oscar De La Renta, Gucci, and Mayda Cisneros being one of the top 3 that were chosen locally to be part of the team re-opening the new Red Door Salon in 1998 as a Master Colorist. In 2000, Gio was thrilled to join the talented team at Avant Garde Salon and Spa where he shares his amazing talents with celebrities and the biggest well known TV anchors in Florida from Univision, WSVN, and ABC. Currently, Belkys Nery stylist, Gio also participates in styling the cast of Nuestra Belleza Latina, Mira Quien Baila, and Miss Florida Pageant. Gio loves to balance his client service to their needs and lifestyle to be able to please and accommodate as best as possible. He specializes in creating a unique and special look to match each of his clients because to him every one is special and different in their own way. He is recognized for his great customer service and for good communication skills with clients to achieve a successful finish. Now.. why Gio? Well, to sum it all up, Gio will create an urban chic look that you can recreate at home so you will always look your best. Experience is talent in Avant-Garde Salon and Spa ,155 Miracle Mile  ,Miami,  305-442-8136 . www.avantgardesalonandspa.com



Master Stylist GIO


Best Salon Miami hair extensions different options

hair extensions :how to choose between the different options


Clip in Hair Extensions

If you are interested in a more temporary style or just want something that can be added or removed with ease, clip-in hair extensions are for you. Applying clip-in hair extensions only takes a matter of minutes so they are extremely easy to take on and off. Also, clip-in hair extensions require less upkeeping. They will also last longer than other methods such as adhesive tape, keratin and hot head strips. This of course depends on how frequently they are used.

As for types of clip-in hair extensions, there are many brands that come in all shapes and colors, high quality to cheap looking.Overall though, there are 2 general types and those are synthetic and real natural human hair. Synthetic hair is usually chosen thanks to it being price friendly. It is also a great way to try it on before investing in high quality natural human hair. Real human hair clip-in extensions looks real (because it is!) and also gives plenty of styling options. If you are serious about hair extensions, real natural hair is the way to go.

All our hair extensions are made with natural hair from India. We assure you your new look will be completely natural and no one will notice you are wearing them!

 clip extensions





Keratin tip hair extensions

Our Salon offers so many options, when it comes to hair extensions, one question that always comes up is what exactly is a “keratin tip hair extensions”? To put it in simple words, they are hair extensions whose tip, as the name implies, have been dipped into keratin protein adhesive. This can be seen in the image above.

Keratin tip hair extensions are generally more expensive than other types of hair extensions due to keratin being what hair is naturally made up of. They are honestly the best you can get for a natural and healthy look.

Keratin tip hair extensions normally come in strands as the image above show. It is important to note that they adhesive used to keep the strand together is just for that, to keep them together.

To have them placed with your hair, it is strongly recommended you visit a professional salon. After all, this is your look you are investing it, work with some

one who knows! Remember, if the price sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is! The process of putting on keratin tip hair extensions can be a daunting and labor intensive job especially if you’re looking to do your whole head.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to hair extensions, most salons can agree that keratin tip hair extensions are the way to go. These offer the most natural and healthy look possible when trying to add volume, long sexy hair or simply to change up your entire look!

In this video, we illustrate how hair extensions are applied to your hair. Then we demonstrate how we style those hair extensions for that natural look after summer beach


on this picture we can see how the stgylist melt the keratin with a gun to fix the extension on the natural hair
on this picture we can see how the stgylist melt the keratin with a gun to fix the extension on the natural hair


you can see here the base of the extension fixed with keratin on the natural hair

Hot Heads strips

Hot heads hair extensions are another way to apply hair extensions which is a quicker way to come in and out of the salon with beautiful natural hair. Taking normally between an hour or two, your stylist will work with you to offer you a vision of a brand new you! You can add volume, length or even color easily and fast with hot head strips extensions.

This method differs from other because of the ease it is to apply them. It is incredible feeling to know that within a few hours you could be looking a completely new person. They are easy to apply due to the method in which they are applied. Rather than using certain glue to almost weld together your hair, hot heads strips extensions are basically taped to your head with clear double-sided tape. Now even though it is tape, no one will be able to notice your extensions. This is because they are placed within layers of your hair and with clear adhesive tape, you’ll be confident in your new look being what it is, natural! Below is a how to on Hot Heads Strips Extensions.


Tape Strip Extensions
we can see on this picture the extension fixed with tape .
The extensions can be used a second time ,we just change the tape.

If you are considering hair extensions ,don`t hesitate to visit us in Avant-garde salon and spa Miami

Salon Miami Hair extensions


Halo couture extensions

Are you looking for gorgeous, luxurious hair? Have you ever wished for long, fuller hair without the commitment of bonding, clipping or gluing? Then HaloCouture is the product for you!! Our 100% Remy Human Hair extensions add body, volume and length in a matter of seconds. You can wear them daily or just for special occasions and remove them as easily as applying them. This innovative idea has virtually no damage. There are four lengths- 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch and 24 inches. They are the basic equivalent to a full head of hair, adding about 70-130 grams of hair. 

The process is so easy! All you do is place the Miracle Wire an inch or so behind the hair line. Pull the weft of hair down past the occipital bone or where the head naturally curves in. From there use a comb to pull your natural hair up and over the Halo – as well as few pieces forward to conceal the Miracle Wire. VIOLA! Angelic Hair in an instant!!

check out these Videos


hair extensions :how to apply


Hair extensions application explanation










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Where Do Nuestra Belleza Contestants 2012 go to get TV ready? Donde se arranglan las modelos de Nuestra Belleza 2012?



Avant-Garde Salon & Spa is great salon. But you already knew that.  Our upscale clientele, our famed stylists and our professional spa team make Avant-Garde a one of a kind in Coral Gables, Miami FL.

For the last three decades the AG team has worked with Univision’s shows. The  Avant Garde’s  Team goes on-site during the taping of Nuestra Belleza Latina, Sal y Pimiento and other shows on the network.

Recently, the beautiful contestants came to the salon to get TV ready.  You can get a sneak peek of the behind the scene in the video below.

Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012

If you want to get your TV experience call us and make an appointment for a FREE consultation for all of our services….. Ombré, Hair Extension, Permanent make-up and much more.. 305-442-8136



Hair Trends 2012

Short, long, blonde, black, brown or red yet. This year the trend up to now has been all blond color variations. At the Avant-Garde Salon & Spa in Coral Gables, city beautiful of Miami, Florida we are seeing couple of trends. Ombré remains very big among our elite clientele and more recently we are seeing a lot lot of red tone color. Christine our salon’s owner is sporting a new sangria shade and only get compliments from everyone.

We foresee changes for coming year, because the hair is dark again. Further highlights are striking and accessories such as long hair extensions for beautiful color accents are in fashion. This is reflected in the trend in hair color.

In 2012, women are wearing red on their HEAD! Already, we see that color increases with the stars in Hollywood. Our team of AG stylists who works for Univision on shows like Sal y Pimiento and Nuestra Belleza Latina 2012 are leading the movement.

Not everyone dare to try. Anyone who is unsure should first start with a warm brown according to Avant-Garde nationally renowned colorist Elena. So you can slowly get used to the new hair color. Especially effective is the red color on blonde hair, because they shine in different shades of color so that there is an interesting play of colors and gives the hair color looks very natural.

Your new hair color should match your skin and especially your eyes. The hair color red is definitely not for everyone! So you should not insist on bending and breaking on a redhead. If red does not fit, there is no problem, with a chocolate brown in different shades of one of the most fashionable hair colors for the year 2012.  By striking highlights, you can bring pep to your hairstyle; hair color is not so boring. Uniform dark hair makes the complexion look pale, but with striking highlights, you can counteract this. Give our salon a call and ask for more information about our hair extensions or feel free to stop in for a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced stylists. We’re located at 155 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. Our zip code is 33134 and our telephone number is (305) 442-8136. Here’s a brief video about Avant-Garde Salon and Spa if you’ve never been here before.

Hair Extension in Coral Gables

These days, women are less adverse when considering hair extensions because:

  1. The quality of hair extensions is fast improving.
  2. The techniques for applying extensions are more effective today.
  3. Stylists are better trained and have a good amount of experience under their belts by now.

The actual hair used in the extensions can vary dramatically. Hair can be low quality which gives you and/or your stylist less maneuverability when it comes to creating the look you might be looking for. Also, poor quality extensions are visible to others – and we all know how terrible exposed extensions can look.

This brings us to the techniques of applying hair extensions. There are extensions that are removable and those that are applied on a more permanent level. Extensions should be adjusted after 2 months since your hair will grow which could possible expose the extension. Our stylists have plenty of experience applying hair extensions so they are invisible and integrate perfectly with your natural hair.

Here is a brief video of extensions being applied in our hair salon.  We offer a before and after because we not only apply the extensions but we cut and style them as well.

One important factor when it comes to considering hair extensions is obviously the skill level of the person applying the extensions but a close second is cost. Certainly, cost is important, however, we strive to educate people that when it comes to something like hair extensions, that are on one of the pre-dominant features of your body – your head, you should look at more than just the amount charged. Here’s why…

  1. There is a skill involved in applying hair extensions properly and a stylist will have invested time in becoming good at it. It may cost more somewhere else but you’re likely to find that you’ll be happier with the result if your extensions look natural and blend into your hair properly.
  2. Make sure to ask anyone you’re considering using about the quality of hair in the extensions they will be using.
  3. Make sure that the person applying the extensions is also a quality stylist. Too often we have seen people come into the salon needing help with their extensions because they were applied incorrectly or they visibly didn’t look natural.
  4. We don’t proclaim to be the cheapest salon in town when it comes to hair extensions but we can tell you this, you’ll love how your new hair will look when you leave our salon.

Hair extensions are really fun because they let you change your appearance temporarily or you can achieve that look you’re waiting for now by getting your hair to the length you’re looking for until your natural hair growth catches up.

Give our salon a call and ask for more information about our hair extensions or feel free to stop in for a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced stylists.

We’re located at 155 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. Our zip code is 33134 and our telephone number is (305) 442-8136. Here’s a brief video about Avant-Garde Salon and Spa if you’ve never been here before.