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What is right and what is wrong about Hair Coloring .

What is right and what is wrong about hair coloring


Hair color
Hair color
Hair color
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Hair color
Hair color
Hair color
Hair color
Hair color
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Hair color






Can we choose whatever color we want?

Wrong. The choice of the hair color has to be done according to your natural Hair color. If the hair coloration is lighter for more than 5 tones one simple coloring won’t be enough to achieve the results   we want. We would need to do a bleaching remover and then the coloration.

Does the hair coloring damage the hair?

Right and wrong. You hair stylist should always proceed to do a hair diagnostic about the nature of your hair and the condition to offer you the color that will be the most adaptive to your case. A color that is going to be realized in the same tone of your natural hair or just to add a reflection or just going to be two toned lighting will not damage the hair. Because today also the new product formulation, they add oil inside and always treatment inside the color by itself. The coloration makes the hair more sensitive as soon as you in a lightning technique. If it’s true that the hair even when it is natural needs treatment as soon as you start to manipulate the follicles of the hair in an important way the treatment is necessary, otherwise you lose the shine that you expect from your hair coloring. And then, you don’t get the reflection that you were looking for.

Is it important to use specific treatment for hair color?

Right. The color of the hair needs a close protection. Colored hair is more sensitive to aggression because it is fragile because of the action of the color product that opens the cuticle that we need to open for the  pigment of the color. The shampoo and treatment specific for color treated hair fill up and close the cuticle of the hair and by this it protects durability for a long time the shine and vibrancy of the color reflection.

Never color your hair before going under the sun?

Wrong. If in reasonable dose the sun is not bad for the hair, on the contrary it gives a natural reflect and helps with the vitamin D synthesis it makes hair grow fast. When you use too much sun then the sun can become your hairs enemy in that case you need to protect your hair the same way you protect your skin by using hair solar product . This will avoid that you have to cut your hair at the return of your vacation. On colored hair your hair is already more sensitive by the coloration ingredient and the damage of the sun if you don’t do anything it will be an increase. This is one more reason to do something before and after you go into the sun. What is very important is to rinse your hair after you swim systematically with regular water, dry your hair as much as possible with the towel and apply right after a sun protection on your hair. When the sun is very strong you should wear a hat that is going to also protect your color and your scalp against sunburn.

Is it important to change your eyebrow color and make-up for good results with your color?

Right and wrong. Everything depends in the difference between your natural color and the hair color you will hair after hair coloring. If it is a light difference just a few tones you do not need to dye your eyebrows, on the contrary if the change is important you need to adapt your eyebrow or with waxing to make your eyebrow thinner or with the coloration.  Also this theory has to be case by case. It is important also to reflect your makeup for more harmony to match with your hair coloring style.

balayage technique in Avant-garde salon & Spa Miami






Balayage in Avant-Garde salon and spa by Marcelo
strands of hair strategically distributed create depth,dimension and enhance light and movement of the hair.
strands of hair strategically distributed create depth,dimension and enhance light and movement of the hair.

This technique is about lightning the hair partially with a few pieces of hair. It has to be in a coordinated order.

The stylist adds on the top of he hair to give contrast more or less discrete from your color even if your color is not natural.

We are talking about highlights when this technique is applied on the full head not only on the top of the head which as a result has a deeper visual effect.

We are talking about flash when this technique is applied only 4 or 5 pieces of hair around the face just for a lighter effect.

The Balayage brings a sun kissed effect to the hair to look like you have a natural glow.

The balayage is known to be as if you came from a sunny vacation. The balayage is a good technique to hide white hair when you are blonde. It can also be used to bring volume to thin hair because you can play with shadow and light.

The Balayage is perfect to enhance the look of your haircut, shape and style.

Feel Free to contact Avant-Garde Salon and Spa , and receive a free hair consultation with one of our Stylist Specialist  in Balayage .

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Hair balayage technique in Avant-Garde salon and spa Coral Gables Miami
Hair balayage technique in Avant-Garde salon and spa Coral Gables Miami
Hair balayage technique avant-garde salon and spa by Marcelo
Balayage technique avant-garde salon and spa Miami by Marcelo
Balayage technique in Avant-garde salon and spa Miami Coral Gables
Balayage technique in Avant-garde salon and spa Miami Coral Gables
balayage technique in Avant-garde salon and spa Miami , by Marcelo

Trendy hair color for the falls by Your Salon Miami .

imageThe prettiest hair color for falls

Rose gold

“This season is all about rose-gold locks,” according to our Best  hair colorist specialists in Avant-Garde salon and spa Miami  as you can see on Jessica Chastain. We will recommend to finish the look with some  highlights topped with a demi-permanent gloss that’s blended with an even mix of gold and copper hues. It ‘s pretty with any skin tones  and the maintenance level is very low . Ideal for young clients who are looking for a change ,without going back to their salon every month .
Wheat blond


Weat Blond
Weat Blond




Platinum is still having its moment, but for dark blondes and light to medium brunettes who don’t want to commit to the maintenance it requires, try wheat blonde. It’s brighter and more buttery than dirty blonde with hints of light brown color peeking out at the roots or underneath. Maintenance level: medium.





Trendy falls color
Trendy falls color



Brunettes seeking an instant face brightener should ask their colorist for bronze and golden highlights placed on the mid-shaft to the ends of their hair, says Goodwin. “It’s the perfect way to lighten your color and still look natural,” says Cunningham. Jessica Biel nails the look. Maintenance level: medium.

Dark highlight
All-over dark hair color can be severe; breaking it up with subtle chocolate highlights brightens it up and adds gorgeous dimension. The best part? Upkeep is minimal, since the highlights look most natural when they start mid-shaft and frame the face. Lily Aldridge is a perfect example of the trend.


El balayage francés por salón de Avant-Garde de pelo en Coral Gables, Miami


Ya viene la hora cuando usted no sabe http://www.pinterest.com/pin/create/button/?guid=38VMkdk5e6DN-46&url=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.avantgardesalonandspa.com%2Fwp-admin%2Fpost.php%3Fpost%3D980%26action%3Dedit&media=http%3A%2F%2Fblog.avantgardesalonandspa.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2014%2F10%2Ffrench-Balayage-300×300.jpg&description=%23Hair%20%23Salon%20%23Miami%20%23Products%20%23Avantgarde%20%23Beauty%20%23Trendy%20%23CoralGables%20%23best%20%23top%20%23Spa%20%23Florida%20%23Color%20%23extensions%20%23Greatlengths%20%23laser%20%23Tattoo%20%23permanentmakeup%20%23Makeup%20%23Nails%20%23acrylic%20%23ombre%20%23balayage%20%23colorcorrection%20%23haircut%20%23stylist%20%23styling%20%23fashion%20%23glam%20%23manicure%20%23pedicure%20%23Carita%20%23facial%20%23Kerastase%20%23Moroccanoil%20%23loreal%20%23wax%20%23lashes%20%23updo%20%23wedding%20%23bride%20%23Bridal%20%23party%20%23keratin%20%23Chi%20%23yuko%20%23highlights%20%23Inoa%20%23amoniafree%20%23Perm%20%23relaxer%20%23hairremoval%20%23services%20%23haloextensions%20%23tapeextensions%20%23zumproducts%20%23skincare%20%23Artist%20%23razorcut%20%23shellac%20%23gelmanicure%20%23promotions%20%23giftcertificate%20%23univision%20%23Waves%20%23curls%20%23Blowdry%20%23Lashesextensions%20%23tanspray%20%23Tanning%20%23Love%20%23beautiful%20%23amazing%20%23chic%20%23elegant%20%23classy%20%23makeover%20%23transformation%20%23customerservice%20%23accessories%20%23French%20%23airbrush%20%23Blonde%20%23Brunette%20%23Red%20%23short%20%23sexy%20%23long%20%23opi%20%23Essie%20%23Boho%20%23Gypsy%20%23layers%20%23polish%20%23pedispa%20%23spaday%20%23special%20%23decoration%20%23valentine%20%23Christmas%20%23Halloween%20%23thanksgiving%20%23easter%20%23Motherday%20%23Fatherday%20%23package%20%23Spring%20%23summer%20%23Fall%20%23Winter%20%23Newyear%20%23Holidays%20%23Vacations%20%23Prom%20%23flowergirl%20%23online%20%23Website%20%23Pinterest%20%23facebook%20%23instagram%20%23flickr%20%23twitter%20%23Beach%20%23Beachwaves%20%23sun%20%23sunprotections%20%23Damage%20%23overprocess%20%23splitends%20%23Treatments%20%23repair%20%23Conditioning%20%23mask%20%23Masque%20%23Shampoo%20%23Thermique%20%23Technic%20%23master%20%23senior%20%23tips%20%23coldfusion%20%23hairtalk%20%23unicorn%20%23rainbow%20%23Style%20%23poneytail%20%23boon%20%23Hairbotox%20%23smoothing%20%23Organic%20%23hairlost%20%23cosmetology%20%23Estheticien%20%23nailsTechnitian%20%23price%20%23client%20%23Men%20%23woman%20%23tintlashes%20%23Curllashes%20%23eyeliner%20%23exfoliation%20%23Family%20%23Wash%20%23Vintage%20%23retro%20%23therapy%20%23exclusive%20%23appointment%20%23Schedule%20%23consultation%20%23Trial%20%23advice%20%23candle%20%23scrub%20%23bodylotion%20%23Process%20%23Healthy%20%23clean%20%23mobilephone%20%23application%20%23download%20%23Blog%20%23specialevent%20%23Quotes%20%23googlepelo!

Largo, corte, rizado recto, de color rojo, morena, rubia, marrón.

La web puede ser su mejor amigo para encontrar una nueva inspiración de pelo. Al navegar en Google, Pinterest, Instagram usted puede encontrar el color de moda para la temporada y la mejor peluquería leyendo los de Google, Yelp, Foursquare revisions, etc.

Para este otoño todos los medios de comunicación sociales anuncian El Balayage francés.

Tenemos el secreto sobre cómo tener Jennifer Aniston de la cara!

Incluso si el Balayage Technic francés está tomando un poco más largo que los Highlights regulares, el efecto final es mucho más natural y hermoso.

No se confunda con el antiguo Balayage bajo el secador que era tan dolorosa.

Va a volver de su estilista con una cara diciendo Acabo de pasar 3 semanas de vacaciones en la playa en Miami

Perfecto para Morena, rubia con el pelo largo, estilo con ondas naturales de playa, fácil de hacer por ti mismo.

Creo que deberías probar este sol French Kiss para su próxima cita en su salón de belleza.


Avant Garde salon and spa Coral gables, Fl. 305-442-8136

The French balayage by Avant-Garde Hair salon in Coral Gables, Miami







It`s coming a  time is coming, when you don`t know what to do with your hair !

Long ,court ,curly straight, red, Brunette ,blond, brown.

The web can be your best friend to find a new hair inspiration. By surfing on Google , Pinterest , Instagram you can find the trendy color for the season and the best hair salon by reading the Google , yelp, Foursquare reviews

For this autumn all the social Media announce The French Balayage .

It`s a secret about how to have Jennifer Aniston Face !

Even if the French Balayage Technic is taking a little longer than the regular Highlights ,the final effect is much more natural and beautiful.

Don`t e confuse with the old Balayage under the dryer that was so painful .

You will come back from your hair stylist with a face saying ” I just passed 3 weeks of vacations on the beach  in Miami  ”

Perfect for Brunette ,blond with long hair  , style with natural Beach Waves , easy to do by yourself.

I think you should try this French sun Kiss for your next appointment in your hair salon.

To inspire you have a look at this Balayage ,Hilight





Que es el Balayage? En Avant Garde Salon and Spa, Miami Fl.

 jlo balayage 

Que es el Balayage?

El balayage es una tecnica francesa de coloracion del cabello creada para dar dimension y profundidad a los cabellos,

Que significa la palabra Balayage?

La palabra Balayage en frances significa” pincelada” y se denomina de esta manera  a esta  tecnica ya que se trabaja con la mecha suspendida y apoyada en una paleta, y se deposita el producto aclarante con un ligero deslizamiento de la brocha sobre el cabello.

Cual es el efecto que el Balayage crea en el cabello?

Contrastando con las mechas procesadas en  aluminio el balayage no tiene un patron repetitivo ni  lineas definidas, por lo que es recomendable cuando se busca dar a los cabellos dimension, profundidad y un efecto soleado natural en el cual las mechas se difuminan fusionandose con el color base.

Cual es el nivel de mantenimiento que requiere el Balayage?

El Balayage es una tecnica de relativamente bajo mantenimiento, considerando que no deja barrera entre el cabello procesado y el nuevo crecimiento, es hoy en dia una de las opciones mas convenientes para la mujer actual ya que no es necesario hacer un retoque a las seis semanas sino que se puede extender a ocho o mas y tambien jugar con un champu color entre proceso y proceso para reavivarlas y hacerlas lucir frescas otra vez.

Es el Balayage recomendable para todo tipo de cabellos?

El balayage siempre lucira mejor en cabellos naturales y largos, debido a la transparencia que cobra el cabello al ser procesado, y al movimiento que se puede crear  con un estilo playero de ondas grandes y relajadas. de todas maneras el hecho de tener un color preexistente no siempre es un factor condicionante, se pueden tambien lograr muy buenos resultados en cabellos que han sido coloreados profesionalmente en niveles no mas oscuros que un nivel cinco.

Es el Balayage compatible con otras tecnicas  de coloracion?

Dadas las caracteristicas del efecto que crea el Balayage en el cabello, es el complemento ideal para balancear un proceso de “Ombre” ya que ayuda a distribuir la luminosidad en areas como el marco de la cara  y la cuspide que de otra manera no seria posible hacerlo solo con la tecnica del “Ombre” ya que solo se trabaja en la parte inferior del cabello. Si prestamos atencion, en la actualidad, la mayoria de las modelos top y celebridades tales como Gisele Bundchen o Jessica Biel, son la viva imagen de una tendencia que vino para quedarse.

Gisele Budchen.

Para mas informacion a cerca de Balayage,  O si desea tener una consulta personalizada con uno de nuestros profesionales, con gusto atenderemos cada una de sus inquietudes, puede encontrarnos de lunes a sabados en Avant Garde Salon and Spa. 155 miracle mile,  Coral Gables, Florida 33134 Ph # 3054428136

French Balayage in Avant Garde Salon and Spa, Miami, Fl.

What is Balayage?


The Balayage is a French technique of coloring the hair created to give dimension and depth to the hair,

strands of hair strategically distributed create depth,dimension and enhance light and movement of the hair.
strands of hair strategically distributed create depth,dimension and enhance light and movement of the hair.


What does the word Balayage mean?


The word Balayage in French means brushwork and thus is referred to this technique as it works the strand of hair while suspended and supported on a pallet wick, then the enlightener is deposited on the hair with a slip of the brush.


What is the effect created in the Balayage hair?


Contrasting with the wicks processed with aluminum foil, the balayage does  not have a repetitive  pattern or defined lines, so it is advisable when looking to give dimension, depth and a natural sunny effect in which the wicks are blurred by merging with the base color.


What is the level of maintenance that the Balayage requires?


The Balayage is a technique with a relatively low maintenance, whereas leaves no barrier between the processed hair and new growth, it is today one of the most convenient color options for women as it is not necessary to do a touch-up at six weeks but can be extended to eight or more and also play with a shampoo color between process and process to revive them and make them look fresh again.


Balayage is recommended for all hair types?


The balayage always looks better in natural and long hair, because the hair takes more transparency when processed, due to the absence of a previous artificial pigment  the movement can create a large beach style and relaxed waves. Anyway, having a pre-existing color is not always a determining factor, it can also achieve very good results in hair that has been colored professionally no darker than a level five.



Is it compatible with other Balayage coloring techniques?


Given the characteristics of the effect that the Balayage creates on the hair, it is ideal for balancing a process of ” Ombre ” because it helps distribute the brightness in areas such as the face frame and the crown, that otherwise would not be  possible to do so only with the technique of ” Ombre ” as it only works on the bottom of the hair.  If we pay attention, at present, most of the top models and celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Biel are the image of a beautiful trend that is here to stay.

Official YouTube Channel for Avant-Garde salon and spa hair salon in Miami Featuring -Balayage technique

In this video you will see the all process of the balayage to obtain a so beautiful natural effect

Balayage technique Avant-garde salon and spa Miami 

For more information about Balayage, or if you want to have a personal consultation, one of our professionals will gladly answer all of your concerns from Mondays through Saturdays

at Avant Garde Salon and Spa.

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 Ph. # 305-442-8136.

jessica biel balayage
You can see on the picture like the sun natural decoloration
Avant-Garde salon and spa Coral Gables Miami
you can see on this picture what we could compare to the summer beach effect !


Balayage Highlights in a Local Coral Gables Salon

We are a salon located in Coral Gables on Miracle Mile called Avant-Garde. We’ve been in Coral Gables over thirty (30) years and we wanted to share a hair coloring technique called Balayage with you. Hair color at Avant-Garde is about giving you that specific look you’re looking for and we realized that not too many people were familiar with Balayage or had never even heard of it. So, the purpose of this blog post is to give you the information you need so you can decide if you’re interested in giving this technique a try.

Balayage is a French term that means “sweeping” or “to sweep.” It is named after the way in which the color is applied to the hair. It is actually swept on or painted on by hand leaving a more natural looking highlight or lowlight. The technique was developed as a new way to add variation to hair color with a more natural appearance and a more subtle grow out. The color can also be applied for a more bold variation depending on the client’s willingness.

People also refer to this technique of middle-range highlights as ‘free-hand’, which means these are done by hand and without aluminum foils. Basically the stylist saturates the very tips, more than the middle of the strand so it mimics those sun-kissed highlights they are trying to achieve. This way, the hair looks as though you just spent the summer at the beach and ends up giving a very natural look.

We have performed this technique on several clients and we’d like to share some images on our Facebook so if you’re considering something new for your hair with color, perhaps you might be interested in giving Balayage a try with one of our capable colorists.