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Holidays trendy hair styles suggestions to be done in your Salon

Bride Hair style
holidays hairstyle with headband by Isaac Mesa



A busy schedule packed with winter holiday parties can leave you feeling tired, but you don’t need to look it with the perfect party outfit and a plan for your hairstyle. In Avant-Garde salon and spa located 155, Miracle Mile  in Miami, Coral Gables, we can help you to Treat yourself  with a relaxing hair  appointment and  offer you  one of these festive holiday hairstyles. Elegant, sophisticated, and fun, these 5 hair styles will make you amazing .


Blowout – If you normally have natural curls or waves, a blowdry can be the perfect way to change up your look for a holiday party. Since it’s difficult to really do a perfect blowout at home, visit for this blowdry one of our talented hairstylist in our Salon close to downtown Miami and Brickell .

a sample of curls



Long waves or curls – Long, elegant wavy hair is absolutly glamour. A hairstylist can use a big curling iron or large curlers to create bouncy waves in your hair. Use this as a start for a playful half-updo or wear your hair down with a glittery and sparkling hair clip

special Holidays hairstyle
Messy updo for Holidays Party




French Twist – An elegant French twist is the perfect updo for holiday events, looking both classic and fancy. A stylist can give you a low-hold French twist so your hair maintains stay soft and trendy .


Chignon with hairband – If you want a little sparkle in your holidays look , try a low-maintenance chignon paired with a jeweled elastic hairband. Pull the hair back into a low bun hold with bobby pins. Then add a jeweled band a couple of inches behind the hairline. For added security, pin down the hairband so it does not move.


Deluxe Braids – If braids are your go-to style, there are many braids that will stand out at a holiday party. Fancy-looking fishtail braids deliver a statement and look sophisticated . Wrapped braids, braid buns, or braided crowns get your hair off your shoulders, enhance your sophistication, and can complement an outfit that  will advantage your decolte .

Here's Elena working with one of her clients
Here’s Elena working with one of her clients


Your haircut and hair coloring can also impact your holiday style. Now it is  the perfect time to visit Avant-Garde salon and spa located in the heart of Coral Gables, Miami to adjust your look for holidays season ,Visit our website : www.avantgardesalonandspa.com,and book an appointment with one of talented stylist  or personal holiday event.

Enjoy our first time client offers ,pampers yourself with our gift cards special Holidays promotions available on our website

promotions special Holidays

special Holidays Gift Card







The French balayage by Avant-Garde Hair salon in Coral Gables, Miami







It`s coming a  time is coming, when you don`t know what to do with your hair !

Long ,court ,curly straight, red, Brunette ,blond, brown.

The web can be your best friend to find a new hair inspiration. By surfing on Google , Pinterest , Instagram you can find the trendy color for the season and the best hair salon by reading the Google , yelp, Foursquare reviews

For this autumn all the social Media announce The French Balayage .

It`s a secret about how to have Jennifer Aniston Face !

Even if the French Balayage Technic is taking a little longer than the regular Highlights ,the final effect is much more natural and beautiful.

Don`t e confuse with the old Balayage under the dryer that was so painful .

You will come back from your hair stylist with a face saying ” I just passed 3 weeks of vacations on the beach  in Miami  ”

Perfect for Brunette ,blond with long hair  , style with natural Beach Waves , easy to do by yourself.

I think you should try this French sun Kiss for your next appointment in your hair salon.

To inspire you have a look at this Balayage ,Hilight





HairSalon Miami: Consejos para sus extensiones de cabello Bounds.

Somos un gran socio de Great Lengths hair extensions , ubicada en Miami, Coral Gables.


Pelo largo y grueso siempre ha sido y siempre será un símbolo de la belleza.



¿Es necesario un cuidado especial después de tener mis extensiones aplican?

Las extensiones pueden ser tratados como el pelo normal, pero el pelo largo siempre se necesita una atención especial. Great Lengths ofrece productos de calidad y cepillos especiales.


Debe enderezarse las extensiones?

Puede utilizar una plancha para el pelo, pero los bonos nunca debe entrar en contacto con la herramienta. En caso de puntas secas le sugerimos que utilice los productos de cuidado del cabello Great Lengths Hairfluid y grandes esfuerzos.


Vinagre de manzana hace que el brillo del cabello: lo puedo usar?

Great Lengths no garantiza para este tipo de tratamientos. Tenemos una amplia gama de productos para el cuidado del cabello.


¿Puedo pasar mis dedos por mi pelo?

Sí, debe ejecutar sus dedos a través de los bonos para mantenerlos seperated.


¿Cuántas veces debo haber revisado mis extensiones?

Es necesario tener sus extensiones controladas al menos una vez al mes para que el extensionista pelo para cortar los pelos naturales que se han caído, pero se intrapped entre el cuero cabelludo y la unión para evitar que se enreden.


¿Qué champú se debe utilizar?

Debe utilizar uno de los champús Great Lengths o un champú que se ha aconsejado a usted por su peluquero y que no contiene alcohol o silicona


¿Cómo debo cuidar mi cabello durante el lavado?

Utilice poco de presión mientras que el champú. Cepille siempre los hilos con un cepillo Great Lengths y sin tirones. Comience secado desde las raíces y luego los bonos. Asegúrese de que los bonos totalmente seco.


¿Tengo que tener cuidado al cepillarse el pelo?

Sí, y esta es la razón por Great Lengths ha creado un cepillo especial

 hair Extensions


Deporte, tiempo libre y extensiones


¿Puedo ir en el agua con las extensiones?

Por supuesto que puede! Los bonos están hechas de queratina con una estructura muy similar a la estructura del cabello y por lo tanto no se funde en el agua. Es muy sólido y muy safe.If voy a la playa lo que tengo que hacer?

Con extensiones Great Lengths puede ir en agua salada. Usted debe enjuagar el cabello con agua limpia y secar ellos tan pronto como possible.Can ato mi cabello mientras se hace deporte?

Extensiones Great Lengths se apliquen de la manera más natural posible. Si usted sabe que va a atar su cabello con frecuencia después de tener sus extensiones aplicadas, deje que su peluquero sabe y se aplicará las extensiones para que puedan permanecer invisible cuando usted ata sus hair.Can deportes acuáticos que hago?

Usted puede tener extensiones aplican incluso si lo hace deportes acuáticos. Usted debe lavarse el cabello después para eliminar el cloruro.






Solarium: ¿es esto un problema?

Esto no debería ser un problema. Cubra el cabello con una toalla o usar nuestro Acondicionador de Energía.


Pero también:





◦Braid sus extensiones del pelo antes de ir a la cama. Esto ayudará contra nudos y debe ser hecho con el pelo de forma natural a largo también.



Cabello seco ◦When, zonas de unión secos primero. Esto protegerá a los bonos.



◦Have su peluquero corta el cabello para un mayor cuidado después de look.




* Utilice únicamente cepillos con cerdas suaves. Esto ayudará a los fines y los bonos.




* Cepillo a fondo dos veces al día.




Si necesita cualquier información, no dude en ponerse en contacto con Marcelo nuestra especialista en grandes longitudes Extensiones en el salón y spa Avant-Garde, 155 Miracle Mile Miami, 305-442-8136, www.avantgardesalonandspa.com

Great Lengths Tape hair extensions Salon miami

gl tape extensions 2gl tape extensionsgl tape extensions.jpg 1gl tape extensions.jpg 3gl tape extensions.jpg 4







Avant-garde salon and Spa Miami offers to its Clientele Great Lengths tape extension , for any information contact Marcelo 305-442-8136

Fast, invisible, and the very best hair.

Great Lengths tape extensions are the first smart extensions. At last there’s hair thickening and hair extensions as smart as many of the things that make our lives sharp, lively and easy.
Great Lengths stands, of course, for Great Lengths, and for the top quality that Great Lengths offers.

“Apps” means Application. What do we mean by that?

Quite simply: GL Apps are applied to your hair – without any form of external unit. Quickly, simply and invisibly



hair extensions,salon, miami, Great lenghts,best
hair extensions,salon,
miami, Great lenghts,best




As fast as this for complete hair enjoyment!


Not enough volume? Hair too short? Not the right sort of look? And on top of all that: Not enough time to get around breathing new life into your hair
No problem! Now there is Great Lengths tape extensions in Avant-Garde salon and spa Miami ,
Just  give us a call 305-442-8136 , we are a Great Lengths Salon  partner located ,155 Miracle Mile in Down town Coral Gables , Miami , close to coconut Grove and Brickel
Select your favorite GL Apps and get them applied to your hair straight away. Just a few easy steps are enough when applied by our extension professionals…
…and your dream of more volume, a new length, or simply a fresh, new hairstyle can come true in the twinkling of an eye

As invisible as all extensions from Great Lengths!


Extensions must always remain invisible! This should also go for quick extensions. With Great Lengths tape extensions, you can be sure that this is indeed the case.Standard systems use the Sandwich Technique.
This sounds a little bit like “thick”, and not really like invisible. At Great Lengths we like to stay smart. And invisible, of course!
We call our technique “Invisible Touch”: Its effect is that your own hair is guaranteed to cover the extensions! Both above and below your own hair. And in the middle: GL Apps.
Very smart and definitely invisible, just like all the extensions from Great Lengths.

Only GL Apps are this professional!


Extensions from Great Lengths stand for professional hair thickening and hair extensions.

And in addition, so does our GL Apps. What does this mean for you?
The highest hair quality possible!
The hair falls in a completely natural way.
The colours are brilliant. And the longevity of the GL Apps -/b is between 6 to 8 weeks. Much longer than other standard products.

fast as this for complete hair enjoyment!



Not enough volume?
Hair too short?
Not the right sort of look?
And on top of all that: Not enough time to get around breathing new life into your hair?No problem!  Now there’s Great Lengths tape extensions In Avant-Garde salon Miami ,Coral Gables .
Visit us, select and order your favorite Great lengths tape extensions with Marcelo in Avant-garde salon and spa Miami  and get them applied to your hair the following day.
Just a few easy steps are enough when applied by our extension professionals…
…and your dream of more volume, a new length, or simply a fresh, new hairstyle can come true in the twinkling of an eye.

There’s already a huge range to choose from!




You’re used to the benefits of a large selection from Great Lengths. And we’ve followed the same principle with Great Lengths tape extensions. 35 color nuances in lengths of 12, 14,16, 18 inches make up our basic range.Special requests for lengths of 20 inches und 22 inches, as well as special colors requests are also possible on request

-They’re that simple to reuse!









Great Lengths tape  are easy to remove with the Remover Spray.

Following removal, the original hair piece must be  thoroughly cleaned prior to re-applying a new layer of Great Lengths film and then these valuable Great Lengths tape extensions can be re-applied to the natural hair at any time.
Now that’s something that saves you money and increases the value of these extensions.

So trendy for all fashion-conscious women!




One’s true age is not a question of how many years one has lived.

A person is as old as they feel, and age has no bearing upon the amount of energy one may have.

Fashion-conscious women no longer allow limits to be themselves.

 Great Lengths tape extensions are especially suitable for smart women from 8 to 50+.

Or in other words: Do you feel young and fresh enough for a change?

Okay! So it’s SHOW-Time for your first Great Lengths tape extensions …






gl ext





gl 2gl 3gl 5gl 5gl 6gl trendy 5gl trendy 4

Best Salon Miami ,color correction,Ombre ,Balayage specialist

Salon Miami

Marcelo Martinez ,Master stylist in Avant-garde salon and spa


Marcelo Martinez is a Master stylist In Avant-Garde salon, Miami , specialized in Hair Make Over , Color Correction,  Balayage  , Ombre, funky and dimensional color.

Shears, clippers and razors are his favorite tools to create diverse styles from long layered natural flowing to short precision hair Cut .He knows a vast selection of products and technics to give the perfect advice and look to any kind of hair.

He likes to leave a mark in people`s life using his passion and knowledge as tools to help people improve their image ,self esteem and confidence.

Marcelo has been a hairstylist for more than 20 years .



Coming from one of the most and beautiful  cities in the world , this native from Buenos Aires ,Argentina was exposed to the Elite of the Beauty industry by coming from a family of hairstylist.

He was  in a hair salon since the early age ,mentored and inspired by first level Hairmasters.

As the time was passing Marcelo felt the need for a challenge , a Change, a move that will keep his edge sharp, he decides to open his own salon, in one of the most commercial area of Buenos Aires.

in 5 years , Marcelo became a successful Kerastase Exclusive Salon. He assists to diverse seminar given by top Europeen Stylists to keep learning perfecting his art .

A working offer in the States finally decide Marcelo for the American dream, in Miami .

After working in different High end Salon Marcelo open a successful Salon in Miami , after running it  for 5 years , he decides to join Avant-Garde team 2013.



in the case this young lady did her hair in another salon ,she would like to remove the purple and have an ombeafter the color correction you can see on ombre and the purple is totally gone

after the color correction you can see on ombre and the purple is totally gone






From simple brown hair, she craved a drastic change with an edge.

From simple brown hair, she craved a drastic change with an edge.






Make Over Avant Garde hair Salon & Spa Coral Gables, Miami.










Color correction salon Miami















Que es el Balayage? En Avant Garde Salon and Spa, Miami Fl.

 jlo balayage 

Que es el Balayage?

El balayage es una tecnica francesa de coloracion del cabello creada para dar dimension y profundidad a los cabellos,

Que significa la palabra Balayage?

La palabra Balayage en frances significa” pincelada” y se denomina de esta manera  a esta  tecnica ya que se trabaja con la mecha suspendida y apoyada en una paleta, y se deposita el producto aclarante con un ligero deslizamiento de la brocha sobre el cabello.

Cual es el efecto que el Balayage crea en el cabello?

Contrastando con las mechas procesadas en  aluminio el balayage no tiene un patron repetitivo ni  lineas definidas, por lo que es recomendable cuando se busca dar a los cabellos dimension, profundidad y un efecto soleado natural en el cual las mechas se difuminan fusionandose con el color base.

Cual es el nivel de mantenimiento que requiere el Balayage?

El Balayage es una tecnica de relativamente bajo mantenimiento, considerando que no deja barrera entre el cabello procesado y el nuevo crecimiento, es hoy en dia una de las opciones mas convenientes para la mujer actual ya que no es necesario hacer un retoque a las seis semanas sino que se puede extender a ocho o mas y tambien jugar con un champu color entre proceso y proceso para reavivarlas y hacerlas lucir frescas otra vez.

Es el Balayage recomendable para todo tipo de cabellos?

El balayage siempre lucira mejor en cabellos naturales y largos, debido a la transparencia que cobra el cabello al ser procesado, y al movimiento que se puede crear  con un estilo playero de ondas grandes y relajadas. de todas maneras el hecho de tener un color preexistente no siempre es un factor condicionante, se pueden tambien lograr muy buenos resultados en cabellos que han sido coloreados profesionalmente en niveles no mas oscuros que un nivel cinco.

Es el Balayage compatible con otras tecnicas  de coloracion?

Dadas las caracteristicas del efecto que crea el Balayage en el cabello, es el complemento ideal para balancear un proceso de “Ombre” ya que ayuda a distribuir la luminosidad en areas como el marco de la cara  y la cuspide que de otra manera no seria posible hacerlo solo con la tecnica del “Ombre” ya que solo se trabaja en la parte inferior del cabello. Si prestamos atencion, en la actualidad, la mayoria de las modelos top y celebridades tales como Gisele Bundchen o Jessica Biel, son la viva imagen de una tendencia que vino para quedarse.

Gisele Budchen.

Para mas informacion a cerca de Balayage,  O si desea tener una consulta personalizada con uno de nuestros profesionales, con gusto atenderemos cada una de sus inquietudes, puede encontrarnos de lunes a sabados en Avant Garde Salon and Spa. 155 miracle mile,  Coral Gables, Florida 33134 Ph # 3054428136

Best Salon Miami hair extensions different options

hair extensions :how to choose between the different options


Clip in Hair Extensions

If you are interested in a more temporary style or just want something that can be added or removed with ease, clip-in hair extensions are for you. Applying clip-in hair extensions only takes a matter of minutes so they are extremely easy to take on and off. Also, clip-in hair extensions require less upkeeping. They will also last longer than other methods such as adhesive tape, keratin and hot head strips. This of course depends on how frequently they are used.

As for types of clip-in hair extensions, there are many brands that come in all shapes and colors, high quality to cheap looking.Overall though, there are 2 general types and those are synthetic and real natural human hair. Synthetic hair is usually chosen thanks to it being price friendly. It is also a great way to try it on before investing in high quality natural human hair. Real human hair clip-in extensions looks real (because it is!) and also gives plenty of styling options. If you are serious about hair extensions, real natural hair is the way to go.

All our hair extensions are made with natural hair from India. We assure you your new look will be completely natural and no one will notice you are wearing them!

 clip extensions





Keratin tip hair extensions

Our Salon offers so many options, when it comes to hair extensions, one question that always comes up is what exactly is a “keratin tip hair extensions”? To put it in simple words, they are hair extensions whose tip, as the name implies, have been dipped into keratin protein adhesive. This can be seen in the image above.

Keratin tip hair extensions are generally more expensive than other types of hair extensions due to keratin being what hair is naturally made up of. They are honestly the best you can get for a natural and healthy look.

Keratin tip hair extensions normally come in strands as the image above show. It is important to note that they adhesive used to keep the strand together is just for that, to keep them together.

To have them placed with your hair, it is strongly recommended you visit a professional salon. After all, this is your look you are investing it, work with some

one who knows! Remember, if the price sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is! The process of putting on keratin tip hair extensions can be a daunting and labor intensive job especially if you’re looking to do your whole head.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to hair extensions, most salons can agree that keratin tip hair extensions are the way to go. These offer the most natural and healthy look possible when trying to add volume, long sexy hair or simply to change up your entire look!

In this video, we illustrate how hair extensions are applied to your hair. Then we demonstrate how we style those hair extensions for that natural look after summer beach


on this picture we can see how the stgylist melt the keratin with a gun to fix the extension on the natural hair
on this picture we can see how the stgylist melt the keratin with a gun to fix the extension on the natural hair


you can see here the base of the extension fixed with keratin on the natural hair

Hot Heads strips

Hot heads hair extensions are another way to apply hair extensions which is a quicker way to come in and out of the salon with beautiful natural hair. Taking normally between an hour or two, your stylist will work with you to offer you a vision of a brand new you! You can add volume, length or even color easily and fast with hot head strips extensions.

This method differs from other because of the ease it is to apply them. It is incredible feeling to know that within a few hours you could be looking a completely new person. They are easy to apply due to the method in which they are applied. Rather than using certain glue to almost weld together your hair, hot heads strips extensions are basically taped to your head with clear double-sided tape. Now even though it is tape, no one will be able to notice your extensions. This is because they are placed within layers of your hair and with clear adhesive tape, you’ll be confident in your new look being what it is, natural! Below is a how to on Hot Heads Strips Extensions.


Tape Strip Extensions
we can see on this picture the extension fixed with tape .
The extensions can be used a second time ,we just change the tape.

If you are considering hair extensions ,don`t hesitate to visit us in Avant-garde salon and spa Miami

Salon Miami Hair extensions


Halo couture extensions

Are you looking for gorgeous, luxurious hair? Have you ever wished for long, fuller hair without the commitment of bonding, clipping or gluing? Then HaloCouture is the product for you!! Our 100% Remy Human Hair extensions add body, volume and length in a matter of seconds. You can wear them daily or just for special occasions and remove them as easily as applying them. This innovative idea has virtually no damage. There are four lengths- 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch and 24 inches. They are the basic equivalent to a full head of hair, adding about 70-130 grams of hair. 

The process is so easy! All you do is place the Miracle Wire an inch or so behind the hair line. Pull the weft of hair down past the occipital bone or where the head naturally curves in. From there use a comb to pull your natural hair up and over the Halo – as well as few pieces forward to conceal the Miracle Wire. VIOLA! Angelic Hair in an instant!!

check out these Videos


hair extensions :how to apply


Hair extensions application explanation










Continue reading Best Salon Miami hair extensions different options

Hair Color Correction in Coral Gables

in this case this lady had an ombre done by a friend of her in her house
in this case this lady had an ombre done by a friend of her in her house


They try to conserve money.

  1. They don’t have time to get to the salon.
  2. They have a friend who can ‘do it’ for them.
  3. They did their own color at home
  4. They went to another salon where the didn`t have stylist color experience

Coloring hair is a complicated process since a stylist needs to know the chemical and color charts and be familiar with the different level of peroxides needed for different hair types. Processing time is also something that has to be monitored closely.

Here’s the good news…bad hair color can be fixed; however, there are some things you’d need to know and prepare for:

  1. You’ll need to find an experienced stylist that specializes in color correction. Why? Because not every stylist or colorist can repair a bad color job. A stylist must prepare for this process and they really do need to know their color and chemical charts.
  2. Fixing color is not a one-time process. Therefore, as a client, you should be prepared for a few visits to correct your hair color and keep your hair looking healthy. This also means that you need to be prepared to make a financial commitment to repair your appearance as you’ll be paying for the colorist’s knowledge and expertise.
  3. Get over the embarrassment of coming in and asking someone to fix your hair. We’ve come across lots of customers who said they were too embarrassed to come to a salon to fix their color so they thought they would keep trying on their own. Once they took the initiative to get their color fixed, they were thrilled at how they looked when the process was done and vowed to never let an inexperienced colorist touch their hair again.
  4. You need to be comfortable and willing to try different suggestions because your hair will react differently through the color correction process. Your color might not be able to be corrected during your first visit, so you’ll need to be patient during the process. Often times there has been such a bad build-up of color and the hair is fried or damaged as a result of poor color processing so deep –conditioning treatments might be necessary as well.

Because hair color is often considered and art, you’ll need to find a good salon and stylist and stick with that person through the color correction process.

Why? Because you need someone who will be honest with you and experienced enough to take you through the color correction process. For example, there are different levels of peroxide used in color correction and your stylist needs to know what to do to keep your hair from getting any further damaged during the correction process and how to remove all the different tones that might be in your hair. You’ll need to find a salon that carries a quality hair color – this author uses and recommends Goldwell for hair color in general – especially when fixing someone’s hair color.

hair salon coral gables, hair color miami,
In this picture, we are illustrating a color correction by Elena. If you are interested in correcting your color or changing your color, please consider using our professionals here at Avant-Garde Hair Salon in Coral Gables


As a colorist and stylist for several local television personalities and with lots of experience correcting hair color, I find it very satisfying and rewarding to correct someone’s hair color. Transforming someone’s appearance and giving them that feeling of confidence is extremely rewarding for me.

If you aren’t completely satisfied with your hair color and are looking for a knowledgeable stylist or colorist, I encourage you to give me a call and schedule a consultation where I can look at your hair and determine the best way to start the color correction process. If you’re willing to put your hair in my hands, I can assure you we’ll fix your color and we’ll get you that look you were trying to achieve. It might take a little time and a few visits, but the final result will be worth it.

Remember, coloring your own hair might be inexpensive but when you need to fix it, it can get pretty costly as you’ll need to invest additional time and money. So, we recommend that if you’ve never colored your hair, that you start out properly and start with a professional who has lots of experience with hair color and chemicals.

The information for this article was provided by Elena De Vera who is a master colorist has been a part of the Avant-Garde team for 23 years. If you’re interested in a color consultation with her, please call us at (305) 442-8136.

in this case this lady would like to remove the yellow , orange that yopu can see in this pictures
in this case this lady would like to remove the yellow , orange that yopu can see in this pictures


after the color correction you can see on ombre and the purple is totally gone

in the case this young lady did her hair in another salon ,she would like to remove the purple and have an ombe
in the case this young lady did her hair in another salon ,she would like to remove the purple and have an ombre


after the color correction you can see on ombre and the purple is totally gone


color correction