The advantages of permanent makeup to your lifestyle.

If applying makeup is difficult or too time consuming, permanent makeup might be your answer if you don’t possess the skills to apply makeup effectively. Another benefit of permanent makeup is that it allows you to maintain a carefree, well groomed appearance every day, year after year.

Click here to watch a video on permanent makeup application on our Official Avant Garde YouTube channel.

If you wear contact lenses and do or do not have allergies or are being challenged with poor vision or other physical disabilities, permanent makeup is a great alternative.

Enjoy the benefits permanent makeup has offered thousands of women. Permanent makeup can diminish your need for makeup, define features, fill in your eyebrows, enhance your lips, frame your eyes and possibly camouflage scars. Permanent makeup can be as subtle or as dramatic as you like. However, the most effective permanent makeup looks so natural that no one notices that it isn’t really makeup.

Our permanent makeup artist was previously applying permanent makeup in New York City prior to arriving here in Miami. She has been with Avant Garde for over a year. Since she has been with us, she has applied makeup to over 100 satisfied customers.

We always conduct an initial consultation to determine your needs and what suits your face the best. Immediately following the consultation, you can have the makeup applied. We included a few questions and answers that are asked frequently:

1. Does the color of the makeup change?

Right after the procedure is done, the makeup will be two (2) darker than the actual color. After approximately one week, the color will settle to the proper tone.

2. Can I get back to work right away?

Yes. We recommend that you apply a high SPF sunscreen to your lips or face if you are outside a lot right after the application process.

3. Is there a lot of swelling?

No. There is no major swelling, however, applying permanent makeup is similar to getting a mini-tattoo, so there may be some minor swelling that will subside within 24-48 hours.

We encourage you to learn more about permanent makeup by contacting our salon at (305) 442-8136 and ask as many questions as you need to feel comfortable with this procedure.

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