Balayage Highlights in a Local Coral Gables Salon

We are a salon located in Coral Gables on Miracle Mile called Avant-Garde. We’ve been in Coral Gables over thirty (30) years and we wanted to share a hair coloring technique called Balayage with you. Hair color at Avant-Garde is about giving you that specific look you’re looking for and we realized that not too many people were familiar with Balayage or had never even heard of it. So, the purpose of this post is to give you the information you need so you can decide if you’re interested in giving this technique a try.

Balayage is a French term that means “sweeping” or “to sweep.” It is named after the way in which the color is applied to the hair. It is actually swept on or painted on by hand leaving a more natural looking highlight or lowlight. The technique was developed as a new way to add variation to hair color with a more natural appearance and a more subtle grow out. The color can also be applied for a more bold variation depending on the client’s willingness.

People also refer to this technique of middle-range highlights as ‘free-hand’, which means these are done by hand and without aluminum foils. Basically the stylist saturates the very tips, more than the middle of the strand so it mimics those sun-kissed highlights they are trying to achieve. This way, the hair looks as though you just spent the summer at the beach and ends up giving a very natural look.

We have performed this technique on several clients and we’d like to share some images on our Facebook so if you’re considering something new for your hair with color, perhaps you might be interested in giving Balayage a try with one of our capable colorists.


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