Getting the Best Manicure in Coral Gables

There are plenty of options, in terms of salons, for you to choose from if you’re in need of a manicure. These days however, people are price conscience and generally will go to a salon that offers the lowest price for nail care.

Our manicures are competitively priced but what differentiates Avant-Garde Salon and Spa from other salons is the quality of our Nail Technicians. Many of them have many years of experience and take their profession very seriously. So here are three (3) good reasons why you should choose Avant-Garde if you’re looking for a manicure in Coral Gables, Brickell or Coconut Grove:

1. We have Nail Technicians who have years of experience doing manicures and pedicures. Here are bios of a few Spa Team members at our beauty salon.




2. Our services are competitively priced, however, we don’t claim to be the most inexpensive beauty salon in town, we claim to be the best at what we do and our customers understand the overall value of getting beauty services done in our salon. Here’s a menu of the beauty services we offer in our salon.


3. Our spa area has been renovated with a classy, elegant yet slightly edgy look. Click the video below to see our spa area and our nail technicians in action.

Manicure coral gables
This is one of our luxurious nail stations in our beauty salon at Avant-Garde
manicure pedicure
We have amazing nail stations for you to relax and get one of the best manicures or pedicures Coral Gables has to offer.


We understand that sometimes you’re in a hurry and can’t spend all hours at the beauty salon getting your nails done, so if you’re in a rush – our nail technicians can adapt to your schedule yet still maintain a high quality manicure. Our salon team takes their various specialties very seriously because they know their work is a reflection on them. If you love how your nails look, you’re more likely to return again for another manicure, however, if you’re not happy with your nails, then we wouldn’t expect you to comeback. Therefore, it’s imperative that all of our spa customers are thrilled with the appearance of their hands.

We do offer promotions in our beauty salon that include manicures. For example, take a look at this standing promotion we offer new customers when you get your hair done at Avant-Garde.

Manicure Promotion at Avant-Garde Salon and Spa in Coral Gables

In summary, we understand that many women and men are looking to save money when it comes to getting a manicure; however, we are of the belief that good quality nail care is value in and of itself. With our extremely talented group of nail technicians, we’re certain you’ll notice the difference between a manicure at Avant-Garde Salon and Spa.

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