Hair Extension in Coral Gables

These days, women are less adverse when considering hair extensions because:

  1. The quality of hair extensions is fast improving.
  2. The techniques for applying extensions are more effective today.
  3. Stylists are better trained and have a good amount of experience under their belts by now.

The actual hair used in the extensions can vary dramatically. Hair can be low quality which gives you and/or your stylist less maneuverability when it comes to creating the look you might be looking for. Also, poor quality extensions are visible to others – and we all know how terrible exposed extensions can look.

This brings us to the techniques of applying hair extensions. There are extensions that are removable and those that are applied on a more permanent level. Extensions should be adjusted after 2 months since your hair will grow which could possible expose the extension. Our stylists have plenty of experience applying hair extensions so they are invisible and integrate perfectly with your natural hair.

Here is a brief video of extensions being applied in our hair salon.  We offer a before and after because we not only apply the extensions but we cut and style them as well.

One important factor when it comes to considering hair extensions is obviously the skill level of the person applying the extensions but a close second is cost. Certainly, cost is important, however, we strive to educate people that when it comes to something like hair extensions, that are on one of the pre-dominant features of your body – your head, you should look at more than just the amount charged. Here’s why…

  1. There is a skill involved in applying hair extensions properly and a stylist will have invested time in becoming good at it. It may cost more somewhere else but you’re likely to find that you’ll be happier with the result if your extensions look natural and blend into your hair properly.
  2. Make sure to ask anyone you’re considering using about the quality of hair in the extensions they will be using.
  3. Make sure that the person applying the extensions is also a quality stylist. Too often we have seen people come into the salon needing help with their extensions because they were applied incorrectly or they visibly didn’t look natural.
  4. We don’t proclaim to be the cheapest salon in town when it comes to hair extensions but we can tell you this, you’ll love how your new hair will look when you leave our salon.

Hair extensions are really fun because they let you change your appearance temporarily or you can achieve that look you’re waiting for now by getting your hair to the length you’re looking for until your natural hair growth catches up.

Give our salon a call and ask for more information about our hair extensions or feel free to stop in for a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced stylists.

We’re located at 155 Miracle Mile in Coral Gables. Our zip code is 33134 and our telephone number is (305) 442-8136. Here’s a brief video about Avant-Garde Salon and Spa if you’ve never been here before.


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