Christmas and New Year is around the corner!

Hello everyone, it’s been a while since we posted something on our As you know Christmas and New Year is around the corner and that means gifts, resolutions and new changes. Though many of us know our “diet” for 2013 will end seven days our promise, we can count on hair to last for sure!

Miami makes it difficult for us to celebrate our winter in the snow and definitely points us out as Floridians when the beaches are too cold but that doesn’t stop the sun from damaging our hair. Here’s a few suggestions to start the Christmas and New Years like a new person:

Keratin Treatment: Take out the frizz from your hair and be proud that you can tame that lion’s mane! While every one is fussing over how to hold down their hair for just a few minutes, you can show off your beautiful strong hair in the sun without the beach hat! How to maintain it? Simple- Just shampoo and condition with sulfate free products. That’s easier than remembering you need to add a masque on ever week.

Chop off that hair: Who says long hair is sexy? Split ends, fading colors and countless time wasted on washing your hair to make sure it looks good and smells great… Yeah, doesn’t sound so beautiful anymore. There’s no such thing as a pixie cut that doesn’t fit anyone. Whether you want to slim your face or show it off to the world, pixie cuts range from almost bare to bob cuts.

Switch Colors: So what if you been a blonde all your life? Hair is not a tattoo, it’s not permanent! Go darker, go bold and make people turn around with jaw dropped to the ground. Don’t like it? Simple, we’ll remove it. No harm no foul.

With many options to change for the end of the year, it’s no wonder why salons, including ourselves, get so packed and crazy. Especially at the last minute. We want our clients to feel happy and having fun, knowing the passion we have for your hair is not only for your pleasure but for our happiness as well.



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