Happy New Year!

Twitter!Avant Garde Salon and Spa wishes that everyone had celebrated the new year with a big toast for new beginnings. Share your night with us in the comments! We love our clients and want to improve your experience every day. Upcoming in January we are going to two new additions on our avantgardesalonandspa.com. Twitter feed and comment pages! Now you can tell us how we are doing and review your stylist/manicurist and other staff services! Don’t be shy! Don’t forget to check out our facebook page for updates on events and lot of hair ideas!

We would also like to introduce new staff we have forgot to update in our Staff’s homepage.

Andrea – Front Desk Hostess

Rody and Marcelo – New Hair Stylists

Avant Garde is also proud to watch our own assistant Bryan Downing become a licensed stylist and now will be working as part time New Talent!

To follow our tweets from our staff, here is a list of our staff:


Manicurists/ Facialists/ Massage: @Rosa_AvGa @Nery_AvGa @Mati_AvGa @Evelyn_AvGa @Leonela_AvGa @Yesenia_AvGa @Yadira_AvGa @Maribel_AvGa

Stylists: @Anthony_AvGa @Arthur_AvGa @Edward_AvGa @Edwin_AvGa @Elena_AvGa @Geo_AvGa @Hicham_AvGa @Issac_AvGa @Joel_AvGa @Joseph_AvGa @Julie_AvGa @Manny_AvGa @Marcelo_AvGa @Maria_AvGa @Renan_AvGa @Rodolfo_AvGa @Vanessa_AvGa @Yasel_AvGa @Maykel_AvGa

Assistants/ New Talents: @Vanessa_AvGa @Bryan_AvGa @Ania_AvGa @Julio_AvGa

Front Desk: @Christine_AvGa @Marilyn_AvGa @Carolina_AvGa

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