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   Just as your skin ages, so too does your hair — getting thinner, limper, and more unruly with time. We find in salon treatment to help you . HairBotox takes the damaged strands and smooths out the surface of your locks.

Super popular in Hollywood and all around the latest Hair Botox treatment. The purpose of Hair Botox is to smooth out your hair to make it as easy as possible to manage on your own, adds shine, removes frizz, and helps out with split ends to make your hair healthier. It lasts about 10 weeks with proper care. It is a 3 step process treatment:  


  1. We wash hair with Hair Botox clarifying shampoo to deeply cleanse the hair pores.
  2. Then, apply the treatment and let process for from 30 minutes to 1:30 mn
  3. Lastly, Heat dry and flat iron or just blow dry to smooth out hair and seal in treatment.


It is very similar to the keratin treatment instead it is completely free of harsh chemicals like formaldehydesand . The hair botox will leave your hair silky,smooth and frizz free —The hair Botox is eco-friendly, meaning, no scary gas mask required. Works on any type of hair and it is a guaranteed success. Check out our video demonstrating this amazing treatment. Feel free to contact us 305-442-8136 for any question or to book your appointment. Avant-Garde salon and spa 155 Miracle mile ,Miami

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