French Balayage in Avant Garde Salon and Spa, Miami, Fl.

What is Balayage?


The Balayage is a French technique of coloring the hair created to give dimension and depth to the hair,

strands of hair strategically distributed create depth,dimension and enhance light and movement of the hair.
strands of hair strategically distributed create depth,dimension and enhance light and movement of the hair.


What does the word Balayage mean?


The word Balayage in French means brushwork and thus is referred to this technique as it works the strand of hair while suspended and supported on a pallet wick, then the enlightener is deposited on the hair with a slip of the brush.


What is the effect created in the Balayage hair?


Contrasting with the wicks processed with aluminum foil, the balayage does  not have a repetitive  pattern or defined lines, so it is advisable when looking to give dimension, depth and a natural sunny effect in which the wicks are blurred by merging with the base color.


What is the level of maintenance that the Balayage requires?


The Balayage is a technique with a relatively low maintenance, whereas leaves no barrier between the processed hair and new growth, it is today one of the most convenient color options for women as it is not necessary to do a touch-up at six weeks but can be extended to eight or more and also play with a shampoo color between process and process to revive them and make them look fresh again.


Balayage is recommended for all hair types?


The balayage always looks better in natural and long hair, because the hair takes more transparency when processed, due to the absence of a previous artificial pigment  the movement can create a large beach style and relaxed waves. Anyway, having a pre-existing color is not always a determining factor, it can also achieve very good results in hair that has been colored professionally no darker than a level five.



Is it compatible with other Balayage coloring techniques?


Given the characteristics of the effect that the Balayage creates on the hair, it is ideal for balancing a process of ” Ombre ” because it helps distribute the brightness in areas such as the face frame and the crown, that otherwise would not be  possible to do so only with the technique of ” Ombre ” as it only works on the bottom of the hair.  If we pay attention, at present, most of the top models and celebrities such as Gisele Bundchen and Jessica Biel are the image of a beautiful trend that is here to stay.

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In this video you will see the all process of the balayage to obtain a so beautiful natural effect

Balayage technique Avant-garde salon and spa Miami 

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jessica biel balayage
You can see on the picture like the sun natural decoloration
Avant-Garde salon and spa Coral Gables Miami
you can see on this picture what we could compare to the summer beach effect !


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