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hair extensions :how to choose between the different options


Clip in Hair Extensions

If you are interested in a more temporary style or just want something that can be added or removed with ease, clip-in hair extensions are for you. Applying clip-in hair extensions only takes a matter of minutes so they are extremely easy to take on and off. Also, clip-in hair extensions require less upkeeping. They will also last longer than other methods such as adhesive tape, keratin and hot head strips. This of course depends on how frequently they are used.

As for types of clip-in hair extensions, there are many brands that come in all shapes and colors, high quality to cheap looking.Overall though, there are 2 general types and those are synthetic and real natural human hair. Synthetic hair is usually chosen thanks to it being price friendly. It is also a great way to try it on before investing in high quality natural human hair. Real human hair clip-in extensions looks real (because it is!) and also gives plenty of styling options. If you are serious about hair extensions, real natural hair is the way to go.

All our hair extensions are made with natural hair from India. We assure you your new look will be completely natural and no one will notice you are wearing them!

 clip extensions





Keratin tip hair extensions

Our Salon offers so many options, when it comes to hair extensions, one question that always comes up is what exactly is a “keratin tip hair extensions”? To put it in simple words, they are hair extensions whose tip, as the name implies, have been dipped into keratin protein adhesive. This can be seen in the image above.

Keratin tip hair extensions are generally more expensive than other types of hair extensions due to keratin being what hair is naturally made up of. They are honestly the best you can get for a natural and healthy look.

Keratin tip hair extensions normally come in strands as the image above show. It is important to note that they adhesive used to keep the strand together is just for that, to keep them together.

To have them placed with your hair, it is strongly recommended you visit a professional salon. After all, this is your look you are investing it, work with some

one who knows! Remember, if the price sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is! The process of putting on keratin tip hair extensions can be a daunting and labor intensive job especially if you’re looking to do your whole head.

All in all, if you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to hair extensions, most salons can agree that keratin tip hair extensions are the way to go. These offer the most natural and healthy look possible when trying to add volume, long sexy hair or simply to change up your entire look!

In this video, we illustrate how hair extensions are applied to your hair. Then we demonstrate how we style those hair extensions for that natural look after summer beach

on this picture we can see how the stgylist melt the keratin with a gun to fix the extension on the natural hair
on this picture we can see how the stgylist melt the keratin with a gun to fix the extension on the natural hair


you can see here the base of the extension fixed with keratin on the natural hair

Hot Heads strips

Hot heads hair extensions are another way to apply hair extensions which is a quicker way to come in and out of the salon with beautiful natural hair. Taking normally between an hour or two, your stylist will work with you to offer you a vision of a brand new you! You can add volume, length or even color easily and fast with hot head strips extensions.

This method differs from other because of the ease it is to apply them. It is incredible feeling to know that within a few hours you could be looking a completely new person. They are easy to apply due to the method in which they are applied. Rather than using certain glue to almost weld together your hair, hot heads strips extensions are basically taped to your head with clear double-sided tape. Now even though it is tape, no one will be able to notice your extensions. This is because they are placed within layers of your hair and with clear adhesive tape, you’ll be confident in your new look being what it is, natural! Below is a how to on Hot Heads Strips Extensions.


Tape Strip Extensions
we can see on this picture the extension fixed with tape .
The extensions can be used a second time ,we just change the tape.

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Halo couture extensions

Are you looking for gorgeous, luxurious hair? Have you ever wished for long, fuller hair without the commitment of bonding, clipping or gluing? Then HaloCouture is the product for you!! Our 100% Remy Human Hair extensions add body, volume and length in a matter of seconds. You can wear them daily or just for special occasions and remove them as easily as applying them. This innovative idea has virtually no damage. There are four lengths- 12 inch, 16 inch, 20 inch and 24 inches. They are the basic equivalent to a full head of hair, adding about 70-130 grams of hair. 

The process is so easy! All you do is place the Miracle Wire an inch or so behind the hair line. Pull the weft of hair down past the occipital bone or where the head naturally curves in. From there use a comb to pull your natural hair up and over the Halo – as well as few pieces forward to conceal the Miracle Wire. VIOLA! Angelic Hair in an instant!!

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hair extensions :how to apply


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