Traditional Braid at Avant Garde Miami.

The classic traditional braid technique.

1-Put a shine spray on your wet hair .suggest Elixir ultime from Kerastase.

2-Blow- dry your hair on low heat for your hair to look shiny and not oily.

3-Divide your hair into 3 equal sections.

4-Very important step: Pull the middle into a ponytail at the base of the neck and secure it with a clear elastic, then crisscross not too tie the left and right sections over the center before you start your braid.

5-Braid the hair straight down instead of crossing the sections over each other, cross them under one another. Put the right section under the center, the left section under that, and so on .Tie the end of the braid with another clear elastic.

Don`t hesitate to contact Avant-Garde and Spa and have a free consultation for your special event braids hair style ask for Elena ,Isaac, Irina , Vanessa our braids specialist .

Traditional braid

bridal braid hair style with flower

If your hair is straight and smooth , add some texturizing wax or spray to the length to prevent the braid from slipping out, suggest product :laque dentelle from Kerastase)

laque dentelle Kerastaseker_elixir_ultime_1_1



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