Hair over-processed: Salon Miami, solutions and advice.


What is the first thing to do, with this kind of hair damage?


The first thing to do is to give a consultation to the client.

We need to know what kind of chemical she received, the history of the client is important for the direction that we will take.

We also need to know what her expectations are. In this case we have to be very clear with her … No chemical until the hair gets in a better condition.

Then we analyze and check the elasticity of the hair to make sure to choose the right reconstruction treatment and make the hair able to receive a color correction in a few months if it is the wish of the client .


Why does the hair have this aspect?


It is the perfect sample of

Chemically over processed hair, the keratinic chain has been broken, (that is the reason why the hair has no nerve and it looks dull because the cuticle stayed open after the last process impeding the light to reflect over the hair).


What do you suggest in this case?


First, the reconstruction of the hair.


How long do you think she will have to wait to see an improvement?


About 3 to 6 months and to make her realize, that there is no magic. The best thing to do, is to do as less as possible on her hair as give a nice haircut, treatments and be patient!


What kind of treatment?


Kerastase chronologist treatment every 2 / 3 weeks or the mask fiber Architect once a week.


Why not a treatment after each shampoo?


Because the chronologist treatment and the fibre architect mask are strong in protein and over feed the hair in proteins will break it .A regular conditioner for damage hair like ciment anti usure should be used in between the treatments .


What else?


Trim on a monthly basis.


If the client can’t wait and insist because of grow of grey hair, can you offer an alternative?


Inoa color can be an option, ammonia free,   grey coverage 100%, the oil contain in the color gives shine.

Inoa doesn’t damage nor dry the hair.


Will a keratin fix the hair?


No definitely not!

Keratin remove the frizz not the over process plus you need to flat iron the hair for the keratin treatment to work which is very bad for that kind of damage hair.


What about a Botox treatment?


Yes, can be an option it is vegetal proteins and can improve the hair .We will not finish the treatment with the flat iron but with a simple blow dry.


What about having highlights?


Absolutely not recommended, because the bleach used will make the hair thinner than they are already going until the breakage.


After recover what do you suggest ?


Not to go back to a circle … to have more chemical to fix the existing damage. In this case the client has very sensitive hair and she is limited in her options.

– highlight not more than every 2 or 3 months and just touch up the roots.

-Inoa color to avoid the dryness of the hair.

-No keratin.

-using good hair products at home

– avoid flat iron, curl iron and hair dryer, and keep them for the special occasion.

-Being delicate when she brushes her hair

– Hair cut every 3 months.

– do not use elastics to put your hair in a ponytail, they are breaking the hair; prefer the thicker one in velvet fabric.

– Do not play the stylist at home by doing your chemical by yourself to save money, it will cost you more after!

 If you are in this situation, please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to help your hair be beautiful again,

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