Salon Miami :Advice for your Bounds hair extensions

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                                    We are a great lengths Salon partner, located in Miami , Coral Gables .


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Long thick hair has always been and always will be a symbol of beauty


Is special care necessary after having my extensions applied?
Extensions may be treated as regular hair but long hair always needs special attention. Great Lengths offers quality products and special brushes.

Should the extensions be straightened?
You can use a hair straightener but the bonds should never come in contact with the tool. In case of dry ends we suggest you use Great Lengths Hairfluid and Great Lengths hair care products .

Apple vinegar makes hair shine: can I use it?
Great Lengths does not guarantee for these types of treatments. We have a wide range of products for hair care.

Can I run my fingers through my hair?
Yes, you should run your fingers through the bonds to keep them seperated.

How many times should I have my extensions checked?
It is necessary to have your extensions checked at least once every month in order for the hair extensionist to cut the natural hairs that have fallen out but are intrapped between the scalp and the bonding avoiding them to tangle.

What shampoo should I use?
You should use one of Great Lengths shampoos or a shampoo that has been advised to you by your hairdresser and which does not contain alcohol or silicone


How should I care for my hair during shampooing?
Use little pressure while shampooing. Always brush the strands with a Great Lengths brush and without pulling. Start drying from the roots and then the bonds. Make sure the bonds fully dry.

Do I need to be careful while brushing my hair?
Yes and this is why Great Lengths has created a special brush

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hair extensions,salon,
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Sports, free time and extensions


Can I go in the water with extensions?
Of course you may!  The bonds are made of keratin with a structure very similar to hair’s structure and therefore it doesn’t melt in water. It is very solid and extremely safe.If I go to the beach what do I have to do?
With Great Lengths extensions you may go in salt water. You should rinse your hair with clear water and dry them as soon as possible.Can I tie my hair while doing sports?
Great Lengths extensions are applied in the most natural way possible. If you know that you will tie your hair often after having your extensions applied, let your hairdresser know and the extensions will be applied so that they will remain invisible when you tie your hair.Can I do water sports?
You may have extensions applied even if you do water sports. You should wash your hair afterwards to remove chloride.
Solarium: is this a problem?
This should not be a problem. Cover your hair with a towel or use our Energy Conditioner.
But also :
    • Braid your hair extensions before going to bed. This will help against knots and should be done with naturally long hair as well.


    • When drying hair, dry bonding areas first. This will protect the bonds.


    • Have your hairdresser cut your hair for a more cared after look.


*    Only use brushes with soft bristles. This will help ends and bonds.


*     Brush thoroughly twice a day.


If you need any information ,feel free to contact Marcelo our specialist in Great lengths Extensions in Avant-Garde salon and spa, 155 Miracle Mile  Miami ,  305-442-8136   ,www.



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