Hair Extensions different types , How to decide .

So Many times in Avant-Garde salon and spa , our clients and potential clients have asked about hair extensions.We get asked if we know how to do them , what we are thinking about them ,how long do they last and how much do they cost ?

Cost usually chases them away .It can be expensive to have hair extensions put in and maintaining them adds to that .


There are so many types of extensions too .

They can be tape in ,sewn in, or bonded to your hair . There are a lot of options and different costs and ways to apply them .They always have to be maintained .

But what if you could offer a compromise ? Something that requires very little maintenance and that you can do by yourself at home .

In Avant-Garde salon ,Miami ,Colral Gables , our stylists Greatlengths extensions specialist can tell you that it can be done with the  “Halo hair extensions”.

our hair salon located in Miami ,Coral Gables can introduce you a new way of thinking . Another wayh to have hair extensions with no commitment and less cost .

The Halo is a class act ts own . It is a weft of hair ,or a fall ,measuring anywhere from 12 inches to 24 inches length.

You can get it in a variety of colors to match your hair and it is 100% human hair  .The weft of hair is attach to a string similar to fishing line .

It is easy to apply . We show you one time and you can do it by your self the the next morning . Simply part the hair off into two sections .Then place the Halo at the base of your scalp and the string toward the front and top of the head . Blend and pull the hair that has not been sectioned off through and around the Halo .

You can curl the Halo extensions and add a good 7 inches below your actual hair .You can wear them everyday ,have different look , your friends will  ask you immediatly where to get one . It flowed and moved with your own hair , most of the people will not realize that your are wearing Halo extensions .It is not heavy ,and you will able to go about your day with ease and no worry of it coming off.

We have to say that Halo is great and fun the cost starts at 300$ for the 12 inches in length .

So for a minimal investment ,you can have a stylish look , it is easy to do and a lot of fun to wear .

Don`t Hesitate to pass by our Salon ,Avant-Garde salon and spa to have a free trial and demonstration .

We are located 155, Miracle Mil


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