Keratin Hair Extensions , Why Greatlengths make the difference ?

Only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality is used

    Great Lengths has always been one step ahead from the starts so far no other system has developed a similarly non compromising technique of attaching additional strands to the customer’s own hair. It goes without saying that only 100% natural human hair of the highest quality is used.

It is, therefore, no wonder that Great Lengths should have established itself on the worldwide market within a few years. Today top hairdressers in Great Britain, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Scandinavia, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Luxembourg, the U. S. A., Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, the Caribbean, Japan, Mexico, Thailand and many more countries are offering Great Lengths with increasing success.

Patented Bonding Method

Greatlengths Keratin:

The method of bonding patented by Great Lengths is of the highest technology. The keratin is a polymer compound whose molecular structure is very similar to that of human hair and respects its same properties and alterations. When wet, hair expands and when dry it contracts back to its natural state. Our keratin moves and behaves like your own hair, ensuring a gentle yet strong hold without damage.

Other polymers:

Unlike Greatlengths keratin, other polymers do not behave like human hair. This means that the Environmental elements will soon deteriorate the bond and the hair starts to fall out.

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