Full Service Beauty, Hair Salon & Boutique Spa

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa is a Coral Gables Hair Salon

Avant-Garde Salon and Spa is Miami Hair Salon is one of South Florida’s most recognized hair salons in Miami.

Avant Garde Salon offers a wide array of hair services and beauty services for men and women of all ages. As one of Miami’s most recognized hair salons, its no mystery that the Miami Hair Salons, Hair Styling Team are one of the best Hair Professional Teams found in South Florida.

Hair and Beauty Services include:

Looking for Eyelash Enhancers and an Eyelash Extensions Miami Salon?

Avant Garde offers the best Hair Treatments salon services in Miami

Come and get Hair Conditioning Treatments along with your haircut or hair coloring application. The Hair Conditioning Salon Treatments we use have been thoroughly tested and are made from the best products available for beauty and health.


We can apply Hair Botox  to transform your hair to smooth, silky and beautifully healthy look. Avant Garde offers the Best Hair Botox Treatment in Miami. Our Hair Specialists are experienced with Botox for Hair. If looking for Hair Botox Salons, look no further, Avant Garde Salon carries and offers the best Hair Botox Treatment Miami can offer.

Types of Extensions

Avant Garde Salon is known for installations of the Best Type of Hair Extensions.

Schedule a Hair Extensions Miami appointment with one of our Certified Professional Hair Extension Specialists and get those desired Hair Extensions!

Balayage Hair

Looking for a Hair Salon the offers Half Head Balayage and Full Head Balayage hair coloring styles?

Avant Garde Salon is known for setting the trend in South Florida with Balayage Salon Miami Styles!

Not sure which Balayage to get and stuck with Half Head Balayage vs Full Head Balayage? Let’s start with what is a Balayage? A Balayage is a form of hair highlights but rather than applied in lines and wrapped with foil, a Balayage is actually painted into the persons hair giving every Balayage a unique look to its owner. So come and get a Hair Balayage Salon Miami creation!

Haircuts and Blow Dry Salon Services

Be ready to receive the most professional haircuts in Miami by some of the most experienced hair stylist in Miami. Looking to get a Hair Blow Dry Curls?

Get the best hair services and beauty services available in Miami at Avant Garde’s Coral Gables Hair Salon.

Avant Garde Salon is proud to be serving South Florida and Beyond for over 40+ Years!

Schedule Miami Hair Salon Services for your next hair color whether you seek a Balayage, Balayage(Full Head) or Balayage(Partial) Avant Garde Salon Stylist will help guide you and recommend to you the best styles and color for you. Learn the difference between Full vs Partial Balayage as well as Partial vs Full Highlights.

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